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Loyal. Intelligent, Strong, Smart, Protective. And a streak of stubbornness. This is what you get when you bring home your[...]
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There are a few different breeds of dogs that are known as pit bulls. These are the American Staffordshire Terrier,[...]
Best puppy food for labs
If you have brought home a Labrador retriever puppy, you have made a wonderful choice. Labrador Retrievers are dogs that[...]


Top Allergy Fixes for Dogs
Dogs unfortunately can suffer many different allergies which can result in unpleasant symptoms for your beloved pet, from itchy skin,[...]
How to Treat Dog Food Allergies
A Balanced diet is a basis for a long and healthy life. This also applies to our four-legged friends. But[...]
Homemade Dog Food Recipes
Meeting the nutritional needs of your pooch is important, which is why you probably search for the best dog foods[...]
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