Wellness Dry Dog Food, Large Breed Complete Health Natural Chicken & Rice


This Wellness Dry Dog Food Large Breed Complete Health is specially-formulated to sustain the distinct health needs of your large dog. With nutrient-rich whole foods, your large breed dog has greater weight and grander scale of nutritional needs that only select dry dog food can support. Read on to know more about this Wellness Dry Dog Food.

Benefits of Using Wellness Dry Dog Food

Wellness legacy

The manufacturer guarantees it’s their mission to bring unrivaled quality standards and uncompromising nutrition to deliver the full “Wellness” your dog deserves. It’s simply the Wellness Way – a mission, and not just a process.

Balanced Natural Nutrition

This dog food is a great way to promote a good overall health and vitality as it contains a great balance of fat, protein, essential vitamins & minerals, along with carbohydrates that work in coalesce to support your beloved doggo.

Real Chicken

Real chicken is the first ingredient so you can ensure your dog attains the right amount of protein to develop lean muscle; while moderate fat content will prevent your pet from attaining too much weight.

Additional Protection

Your dog will also get to consume mixed Tocopherols that defends him against eye diseases. The kibble also contains Yucca Schidigera extract that reduces odor in his stool. Other ingredients enhance his joints’ integrity.

Crafted for Large Breeds

This Wellness Dry Dog Food is specially formulated for large breeds. The kibble will maintain a healthy body weight while supporting proper digestion. For your large breed’s needs, the kibble contains 13 percent more protein than other dry dog food to promote increased muscle mass.

5 Signs of Wellness

You can expect your large breed to attain the five signs of wellness which includes digestive health, improved skin & coat, immunity, energy, and healthier eyes, teeth, & gums.

FAQs about Wellness Dry Dog Food

Good reviews and reputation of this dry dog food, but how does Amazon handle the delivery?

You don’t have to worry about any damaged goods delivered into your home. Amazon will place the kibble in a safe brown box that will shelter it throughout the delivery transport. You will have a secured shipment. However, should the product arrive damaged, you can contact the manufacturer immediately; they would be happy to resolve the issue.

Are there any ingredients from China?

The manufacturer guarantees their kibble is predominantly sourced from Canada and the United States. Here’s a geographical breakdown of the origin of their ingredients:

  • check
    US and Canada: 95%
  • check
    New Zealand and Australia: 4%
  • check
    Europe: less than 1%
  • check
    Asia: less than 1%

What is the size of the kibble?

The kibbles are pretty small in size. Each kibble is triangular in shape in which each side is around a half-inch long.

How many are there in a 30-pound bag?

A 30-pound bag is equivalent to around 90 cups of kibble.

What Users Like About Wellness Dry Dog Food

Users appreciate how this kibble served as their saving grace against allergies (most of which are severe). One user reported –

“My dog (named Goldie) was a stray and he has allergies. This product cured him of his dry itchy flaky skin and stringy coat. His hair color was light when I found him and now it turned dark brown - a sign of improvement! Also, he's not keeping me up at night scratching himself to death.”

Another user who has been feeding his dog this kibble for lots of years now shared their experience of how Wellness cured his dog’s allergies –

“I have a lab with 19 different allergies and liver issues. I have been feeding him this Wellness dry dog food for years & he is healthy & symptom-free! I’m so happy that it's available on Amazon subscription. Otherwise, I would have to drive 150 miles round trip to the closest store! Please do NOT stop selling this!”

What Users Didn’t Like About Wellness Dry Dog Food

People are surprised, especially those who didn’t do their homework, that this dry dog food is not grain free. You might want to check if your dog reacts greatly or not like this one –

“Dog had a hard time digesting, transitioning to Grain Free to see if he does better. Wellness is a great company, so hoping the Core Grain-free will be better for him!”

Note: Wellness does offer grain-free versions too; which you might want to check out.


The Wellness Dry Dog Food is both the nutrition big boys need and the taste they crave. Feed your large dog this kibble and expect him to maintain strong bones with the right amount of phosphorous, calcium, and other minerals. Now your dog can develop lean muscle that fights fat thanks to the four sources of protein. Overall, the Wellness Dry Dog Food is yet another great option if you have a large breed dog.

Wellness Dry Dog Food, Large Breed Complete Health Natural Chicken & Rice
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