Victor Grain Free Dog Food

Victor Grain Free Dog Food


If you’re taking care of a breed that seems vulnerable to joint problems, the Victor Grain Free dog food makes an ideal choice. This recipe is formulated with chondroitin and glucosamine that naturally supports your large breed’s joint health. For more info, read this Victor Grain Free dog food review.

Benefits of Using Victor Grain Free Dog Food

Premium protein and grain-free goodness

This one is not simply grain-free. The Victor Hero contains a staggering 33 percent protein made from high-quality ingredients crafted for large breeds and active adult dogs. Other large competitors can only go a little above 20 percent.

Premium ingredients

One thing that makes this kibble appealing is its combination of premium chicken, beef, fish, and pork meal that comprises 75 percent of the protein content of dog food.

Note: You can set your worries aside and be confident that “meal” as the first ingredient is still a good thing. Meal simply means dehydrated meat. While pure meat seems pleasing at first glance, know that “pure” means you’re also getting some water-weight. On the other hand, meat meal means you’ll be getting more meat per pound (and that’s without water).

Joint health

One impressive thing about this dog food is its ability to support joint health. The recipe comes with chondroitin and glucosamine – key ingredients that promote healthier joints so your dog can be more active as much as he wants.

Better immunity

Who wouldn’t want their dog to become more invulnerable? This Victor Hero dog food is formulated to make your dog stronger against diseases by supporting his immune system on a long-term basis.

Better digestive health

Another benefit is a better digestive system. Now your dog won’t have a hard time digesting what he consumes. You can expect the process of consumption to be smooth, consequently making your dog more compatible with the dog food.

The kibble’s secret behind promoting better digestion are sweet potatoes. These are rich in antioxidants and are high in dietary fiber at the same time.

FAQs about Victor Grain Free Dog Food

What is the size of the kibble?

Each piece is around 1/8 of an inch in size. The kibble is actually quite small and is similar to a pea.

Is this dog food able to decrease the dog’s weight?

Good question. This Victor Hero dog food is a high-quality grain-free recipe that helps in weight control. It won’t necessarily reduce your dog’s weight because the best way to do so is to feed your dog specific amount of calories for the target weight. However, in some cases, the kibble makes it possible for dogs to lose weight gradually (as told by some users).

Is this particular Victor kibble specially formulated for the highly active dogs?

Not specifically, but you can feed this particular dog food to your working or highly active dogs.

What Users Like About Victor Grain Free Dog Food

Most people who awarded the product with a five-star rating are grateful for the kibble’s ability to make their pet’s joints a whole lot better. One user reported –

“It's has helped my rescue so much with his joints and he is more active since being switched to it. My Great Danes and I love the Victor dog food brand!”

Apart from joint issues, the dog food seems true to its promise of giving a better digestive health too. Another happy user said –

“One of the best dog food you can buy today. While there are indeed lots of good dog food, this one has been perfect for my three German shepherd dogs. No more digestive issues!”

What Users Didn’t Like About Victor Grain Free Dog Food

There are also a few pet-parents who aren’t happy, not because of the kibble itself, but simply because the dogs don’t seem to like it –

“I thought my dogs would devour this product but it’s been 6 hours and all they do is an occasional sniff and walk away from the bowl. Apparently, they don’t love it.”


Overall, the Victor Grain Free Dog Food is one of the best dog foods in terms of promoting better joint health especially for large breeds and adult dogs. More things to expect are better immunity, digestive health, and better skin.

Victor Grain Free Dog Food
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