Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Review

Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Don’t want to take risks?

Try this Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food.

Raising dogs always has its set of risks. One of such risks is in giving these dogs food. Dogs have their own unique nutritional needs that are different to other animals. They have lower protein needs than cats, but they have more need of a balanced diet.

There are also some dogs that are sensitive to certain ingredients. This makes it harder for dog owners to pick the best possible dog food to feed their pets. This is why it is quite important for owners to scrutinize each dog food product to know if it has the necessary nutrients and safety for the use of their dogs.

Benefits of orijen grain-free dry dog food

Nutrients tailored to dogs

The Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food offers a ‘high protein, low carbs’ diet to your dogs. It has various protein sources while only having few carbohydrates in its ingredients. This is the ideal diet for dogs. They have carnivorous canine origins especially when compared to wolves, and yet they also developed omnivorous capabilities as a species. So even though you would want meat and other proteins as your main ingredients, having a bit of carbohydrate in it is actually good for your dogs.

Efficient ingredients

The three main ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, and salmon. The chicken is there for the flavor while the two other ingredients are the main sources of protein for the product. The chicken meal is one of the best ingredients you can have in your dog food. It comes from the skin and meat of chicken, processed and dried, resulting in a final product that can be described as a highly nutritious and compressed ingredient.


The main source of carbohydrates of the Orijen Dry Dog Food is the sweet potatoes. There are no grain-like ingredients and no corn the making of this product. These ingredients may potentially harm your dogs, so they are not included.

Chicken flavored

The last important part of a dog food is the taste. After all, it does not matter how nutritious it is if your dogs will not eat it. Fortunately, the Orijen Dry Dog Food has a delicious chicken flavor. Unless your dogs are not chicken-lovers, they will definitely love this dog food. Furthermore, even though it is primarily made of chicken meat, other kinds of flavor are also present. These include the salmon, turkey, lake whitefish, and even more flavors that your dogs may appreciate.

Frequently asked questions about the orijen grain-free dry dog food

Does this product have high amounts of sodium?

No. The Orijen Dry Dog Food is low on sodium since high amounts are not necessary for your dogs unless they specifically need them due to some health issues.

Does this include soy as one of the ingredients?

No. Soy, especially on large amounts, can cause problems to your dogs. The ‘grain-free’ aspect of this product includes not having any soy. If you see this ‘grain-free’ tag on any brand, they most likely do not have soy in them as well.

Do some ingredients come from China?

No, not at all. All of the ingredients come from and are manufactured in either USA or Canada. There is no need to worry about the alleged ‘harmful’ Chinese ingredients that have circulated in the market

What users like about orijen grain-free dry dog food

A user, concerned about their dogs’ love of the dog food –

My dogs love these. I frequently switch between this and one other product, and so far they seem more excited when they are eating this food. I definitely recommend this.

Another user also commented on how their two dogs finally were in sync in liking this product–

I have two dogs and both of them have their own preferences in food, so I always needed to have different products ready at the same time. Luckily, I tried this product, and they both loved it. Finally!

What users didn’t like about orijen grain-free dry dog food

One user reported about how their dogs do not like the product–

My dog has been suffering from stomach problems before, so I switched to this product. So far, the problems are gone, but he does not like it and will not finish it all. I think he is being very picky.


The Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food product seems to be an appetizing treat for any dog breed. This is good because the nutritional content of this dog food is quite above the average compared to its competition. Having a great taste on top of that makes the Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food one of the best dog foods in the market.

Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Review

Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Review

We spare no expense in giving our dogs the best possible food. If you are the same, then you may want to give your dogs the Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. It is flavored with real lamb meat, which is not only a good treat for your pets but also a good source of protein.

The Nutro MAX Dog Food comes in bags of two different sizes: a 4lbs bag and a 25 lbs bag. If you want to acquire more information about the product, read further ahead as we dissect why the Nutro MAX dog food is considered as one of the best product in the dog food industry.

Advantages of nutro MAX grain-free dry dog food to your pet

Packed with nutrition

The Nutro MAX Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is designed to nourish even the largest breeds of dogs. Each pack contains boatloads of protein from lamb, chicken, peas and other ingredients. It also contains natural sources of vitamins such as rosemary extract to aid in supplying your dogs a balanced diet.


Some dogs are more sensitive than others. Corn allergy is not uncommon anymore, and other similar problems may occur. The Nutro MAX Dog Food caters to the needs of these dogs by entirely removing these allergy-inducing ingredients in creating the product. This product has no wheat, corn, and soy. It also does not contain any artificial flavoring or coloring, ensuring a healthy and natural meal for your dogs.

Tasty lamb

Some products have chicken or salmon flavors. While this seems fine, other dogs simply prefer something different. Nutro Max Dog Food offers a good alternative with its lamb flavor. The taste will surely garner the attention of your lamb-loving canines. At the same time, although it has one permeating flavor, it does contain chicken meal and peas that adds variety to your dogs’ protein source.


Recently, people have been more concerned about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the effect they have on our bodies. If you are one of these people, you do not have to worry because aside from being grain-free, this product is also GMO-free!

Frequently asked questions about the nutro MAX grain-free dry dog food

Here are some questions asked by fellow pet-parents. You might have the same inquiry in mind so read on.

Can my puppies eat this?

Yes. The product is designed to be able to cater dogs of any breed and in any stage of life. Smaller dogs may even benefit more since they will need less food to fully nourish themselves. For those dogs that have trouble chewing, you can even mix this product with wet food for convenience.

Is this made in China?

No. The Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is made in the United States. We share your worry about potentially harmful ingredients being mixed in the food. However, you can be assured that the ingredients come from safe and trusted sources.

Does the packaging guarantee the freshness of the product?

Yes. The packaging is specifically designed for storing the dog food so they do not become stale.

Does this contain chicken by-product?

No. It contains chicken meal and not chicken by-product. This might be confusing but chicken meal is entirely different from chicken by-product. The former is something healthier and contains much more nutrition compared to the latter.

What users like about nutro MAX grain-free dry dog food

A user owning a sensitive dog has expressed their delight over how their dog did not encounter any problems with the product –

My dog’s stomach is very sensitive. He kept getting ill with his previous food so I made the instant decision to switch to Nutro MAX. My dog is now healthy and is eating more.

Another user expressed how the Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food improved the life of their dog–

Allergies had plagued my dog before and he would shed fur nonstop. After desperately searching for better dog food, I found Nutro MAX. I am glad to say that it worked and the problems stopped completely.

What users didn’t like about nutro MAX grain-free dry dog food

One user expressed regret about how their dog shunning the product–

My dog is a picky eater and she would not eat it at all. Even though some people have said that his product is good, maybe Nutro MAX is not her thing.


Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is a nutritious treat for your dogs. With many dubious products circulating in the market nowadays, it is one of the products that remain reliable with their ingredient sources. With that said, the Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is definitely one of your best options for food to feed your dog with.

Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food Review

Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food Review

Nutri Source has been a reliable dog food product for a long time.

This time, this article is going to talk about one of their most popular dry dog food products. Introducing the Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food, one of the best dog foods available in the market.

It follows a grain-free formula and instead centered on delivering protein from chicken and pea. It comes in a 30-lb bag which is already enough to last for a long time. Since there are still a lot to know, you might want to read the whole article.

Advantages of nutri source chicken & pea dog food to your pet

Nutritious sources

One of the most important parts of a dog’s diet is protein. Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food gives you a very healthy option for its protein sources. The formula’s primary ingredient is chicken meal – a highly nutritious product of dried chicken. That is not enough, however, so they have added pea flour and salmon meal to even boost the protein value of the treat. At the same time that pea flour rounds out the formula with its nutritional value, it also shapes the food to be in its dry and easy-to-eat form.

Balanced diet

Although protein is of great importance, it will not hold much value without other components. The Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food also has added raw vitamins and minerals to the mix. These include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, and a lot more. Another thing to take note of is the amount of fats and carbohydrates in the product. You can sleep with ease for professionals have worked on bringing a good balance between protein, fat, and carbohydrates to this product.

No to grains

The grain-free and dry kind of dog food have gained more popularity over the years. This naturally, includes the Nutri Source Dog Food. It can’t be helped because more and more dogs have shown signs of allergic reaction to certain ingredients of previous products. This dog food has followed the trend, employing the no grain composition. In this product, there is no wheat, soy, corn, or any grain-related ingredients.

Chicken flavors

There are many different flavors of dog food. The Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food focuses on the hearty flavor of a chicken. If your dog prefers chicken over other meat, then this product is for you.

Frequently asked questions about the nutri source chicken & pea dog food

Is this hard for dogs to eat?

No. With the size just enough for most breeds to scarf down, this does not pose a problem for your dogs at all. Nutri Source also promotes easier digestion, hence not only is it easy to the mouth it is also easy to the stomach.

My dogs keep asking for more. Are the nutrients not enough for larger dogs?

It is definitely enough since this product was made to accommodate even the larger breeds of dogs. What is happening may be related to the fact that this product is grain-free. Generally, with grain-free food, dogs do not fill up as much. Alternatively, maybe the food is too yummy to not ask for seconds!

Is this safe for my dog?

Absolutely, yes. The sources of ingredients for Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food is all-natural and definitely safe.

What users like about nutri source chicken & pea dog food

A user could not stop praising the top-notch quality of the product –

My dogs love it! Not only that but they are glowing more than ever. Their fur is a lot prettier and they have been shedding less.

Another user also commented on why he chose Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food–

I have been buying this brand for three years now so I decided to give this product a try. As expected, my dog loved the food, and there are no signs of sickness going on either. Nutri Source does not disappoint.

What users didn’t like about nutri source chicken & pea dog food

One user reported how their dog did not want to eat the product–

I have tried many dog food flavors to pick what my dog likes the most. Sadly, this does not look to be the one for him. He only ate a small amount and did not touch it again.


Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food offers a healthy and safe meal for your dogs. Your dogs may be sensitive or not, small or big, and young or old, but it does not matter for this product wants dogs of any kind to have the best food they can possibly ever give. So if you want to secure your dog's appetite, you are welcome to try the Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food.

Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Review

Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Dog Food

We want the best for our dogs. Naturally, that includes the food we give them.

Introducing the Nature's Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, a healthy and mouth-watering meal, best for your dogs. It comes in different pack sizes: 4lbs pack, 12 lbs, 14lbs, and 24 lbs packs. Each one of them is packed rich with nutritious ingredients, especially the chicken meat protein that is much needed in your dogs’ diet. It is made mostly for dogs over 50 pounds and are over a year old.

Read on to know more about this Nature's Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food along with all the things it can offer to your dog and to you as well.

Benefits of using nature's recipe grain-free dry dog food

Natural ingredients

You do not need to worry if your dogs are eating artificial things, for Nature's Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is made with real and natural ingredients. The main component of this product is chicken meat which is quite healthy for your pets.

Balanced nutrition

While protein is important, other vitamins and minerals are also important. Nature's Recipe Dog Food does not only contain natural ingredients, they are also thoughtfully combined to bring about the most nutritious yet balanced treat. This product contains pumpkin and sweet potatoes that are rich in fiber which helps your dog absorb the protein.

Supports easy digestion

What was not mentioned earlier is the fact that fiber-rich ingredients help your dogs’ digestive system. This product takes pride in the fact that it does not offer any discomfort to your dogs and their stomachs. Food should be enjoyed, and this is what this dog food intends to do.

Yummy experience

How could we talk about food without talking about taste? Even if food is highly nutritious, if the dogs do not want to eat them, they are still useless. Nature's Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food ensures that the furry creatures


Worry not about grains and the potential digestive problems they may bring. This product does not have them. Part of their slogan is the fact that it does not contain wheat, corn, or any other similar ingredients.

Frequently asked questions about the nature's recipe grain-free dry dog food

It says that it is made for larger dogs, but is it okay for my small dog to eat them?

Yes. Generally, since the nutrition needed by different dogs is the same, the ingredients here will fit your dogs, and the kibble size is also small enough for smaller breeds. Please take note, however, that there are other products of the same brand that are made specifically for smaller breeds.

How about my puppies? Can they eat this?

If your puppies can already chew on dry food then yes, they can. However, as mentioned earlier, that there are also other products of the same brand, some of which are made specifically for puppies and younger dogs.

Does this have peas as ingredients?

Yes. This contains peas which are one of the alternatives to meat when it comes to protein value.

Does this expire fast?

No. The product is ensured to have at least a year before the expiry date.

What users like about nature's recipe grain-free dry dog food

A user, concerned about their dog having allergies, expressed relief over how Nature's Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog has helped their pet –

My dog was discovered to be allergic to corn so I searched for products without it. Luckily, I found this product. I have tried giving this to my dog and he loved it. They are now healthy and lively.

Another user also commented on how their dog liked the food–

My dog has a very sensitive stomach and he will have stomach problems and diarrhea if the food does not fit him. I am thankful that my dog likes Nature’s Recipe and he does not have problems with it.

What users didn’t like about nature's recipe grain-free dry dog food

One user reported about how their dogs did not fit well with the product–

My dogs do not like it. The flavor might not be to their liking. I will try to give them other flavors to see what they like.


We all want what’s best for our dogs. Choosing the right dog food means you are feeding them the right meal every single day. Now you can expect the dog to be more loyal and loving to the human taking care of him – you.

Nature's Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog is a trustworthy product to give to your dog. It is not only nutritious but also stomach-friendly. If you want what is best for your pet, then you should not look for something else.

Kirkland Grain Free Dog Food – Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Review

Kirkland Grain Free Dog Food

Is your dog suffering from allergies?

Maybe he is sensitive to most processed dog foods.

Why not try something organic and grain-free? The Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain USDA Organic Chicken & Pea formula could be your dog’s salvation. Packed with organic goodness, you’ll be confident to feed your dog with something that promotes a healthier well-being. Read on to know more about the product.

Benefits of using kirkland grain free dog food


The Signature Nature’s Domain recipe is composed of above-average ingredients, making this Kirkland a promising dog food and truly not the ordinary type.

This organic chicken and pea formula is made with organic ingredients dedicated for all special adult dogs out there. This is a complete and balanced food with real, organic chicken as the primary (number 1) ingredient.

Other organic whole foods present in the formula include lentils, peas, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, and more. You can expect your dog to consume quality ingredients and achieve better vitality and overall health.

Organic and grain-free

This one’s a plant-based, grain-free dry dog food. Its formula also contains named meats as its sources of animal protein. The beauty of being organic and grain-free lies on how it supports a sensitive dog.

Most dogs suffering from certain digestion issues will only get better by eating organic and grain-free formulations. So if you notice your dog tends to be picky about his food, it’s probably because he needs something else. It’s probably time to switch to organic.


As carnivorous creatures by nature, dogs thrive on protein. With that in mind, you might want to feed your dog with something that contains moderate-to-high levels of protein; and this Kirkland has got what it takes to compete. The recipe contains around 22-27 percent of protein content and 15 percent of mean fat level.

Though there are other dog food containing higher protein, fat, and carbs content, this Kirkland having a somewhat ‘moderate’ amount of meat wins by being organic.

Enriched with omega

You already know this dog food contains vegetable and legumes for added benefits from this phytonutrients. While that green goodness seems enough in keeping your dog healthy, Kirkland has more surprises for your beloved dog. The formula contains a blend of omega fatty acids – ingredients that target your dog’s skin by making it healthier. You can also expect your dog to produce a shiny coat.

FAQs about kirkland grain free dog food

What is the source origin of this product?

COSTCO guarantees this dog food is purely made in the USA.

What is the size of the kibbles?

It resembles the size of a dime; also a flat disc in shape. The pellets are pretty small but there are concerns they might be too large for extremely little dogs. However, users with dogs as little as 8lbs seem to have no problems.

What users like about kirkland grain free dog food

One user reported how they prefer organic and non-GMO products –

Our family only patronize organic and non-GMO products as much as possible. The good thing about this Kirkland is it’s quite literally the only affordable Organic Certified dog food I can find on the market. We recently rescued a dog and she has lots of digestive issues. After two weeks on this dog food, I can notice the food certainly helps keep my dog’s digestion on track.

Another user reported how the dog food provided help against allergies –

My dog has awful allergies and this Kirkland absolutely helped him regain his health. I think organic is the right product for my dog because the symptoms have cleared up.

What users didn’t like about kirkland grain free dog food

Some users are impressed like this one –

My dog’s poop is a tad too soft. But I still have to observe further.


The Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain is a highly recommended grain-free dog food ideal for people looking for the best organic dog food in the market today.

With all its benefits and high-quality ingredients, this Kirkland grain free dog food is probably the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Fromm Grain Free Dog Food

Fromm Grain Free Dog Food

If you are taking care of multiple dogs in your home, it is ideal to purchase food formulated to support all breeds and sizes. This Fromm Grain Free Dog Food perfectly fits the description. Composed of high-quality protein including turkey and duck, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, the Fromm Grain Free dog food can easily compete as one of the best dog food in the market today.

Benefits of using Fromm grain free dog food

Universal solution

This Fromm Four Star Game Bird Dry Dog Food is crafted to support all breeds and sizes. This makes it ideal for people living with more than two dogs from different age and breeds. With Fromm, you will only need to buy one kibble to feed your canine companions.

Grain free recipe

The food is grain free and made delectable by using ingredients that dogs tend to love – turkey, duck, pheasant, and quail. Your furry friend can now indulge in something that gives him a balanced, well-rounded nutrition without unnecessary fillers.

Enhanced recipe

This kibble is even improved with probiotics to promote better digestion. It also has guaranteed levels of Omega fatty acids. Further, you can expect your dog to develop healthier skin and shinier coat due to the salmon oil included in the recipe.

Reputable brand

Fromm may not be the first name that comes into your mind when you think of dog food but this is actually a popular brand not just for dogs, as well as cats since 1908. The brand is a family-operated and owned artisan cat and food company with headquarters in Wisconsin.

The brand is known to include the highest levels of fresh meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, and even real Wisconsin cheese into their products. The recipes may vary but Fromm ensures the recipes are holistic and can offer something great for all tastes and types of cats and dogs.

Tested ingredients

Fromm ensures they meet food safety standards. The company assures the consumers all ingredients are tested and sampled before they are processed in their Wisconsin manufacturing facilities.

Preserved innovation

Fromm is not the brand that usually boasts themselves in the industry. They prefer to maintain a tradition of quiet innovation, humbling their way of bringing out the best in our pets in terms of health and nutrition.

FAQs about fromm grain free dog food

What is the sodium level of this dog food?

According to the manufacturer and as reflected on their website, the Sodium content is: As-Is Basis (%) 0.36 Dry Matter Basis (%) 0.38 Dry Matter Basis (grams/100 kcal) 0.09

What is the size of the kibble pieces?

In terms of how big the kibbles are, they are quite similar to a normal pea. If you want a little bit more precise measurement, they are around ¼ inch to 3/8 inch in diameter.

Is this a dry dog food? Or is it the powder thing you have to mix with water first?

Yes, this is a dry dog food. Thus, it’s not meant for mixing with water.

What users like about fromm grain free dog food

One user is in awe about how his supposedly dying dog somehow managed to live a miraculously extended life after feeding him with nothing but this dog food –

I have adopted a 10-year old basenji whom I was told would live only about another six months due to his current health condition. After adopting him, I began feeding him with this food after thoroughly scrutinizing brands, labels, and nutrition. After a year and a half later, with feeding him only this food, he is healthy and happy as ever and he loved it!

Another user is proud to use Fromm Four Star Game Bird Dry Dog Food to his dog suffering from a serious sickness –

Wish we had known about Fromm years ago. Once our 9-year-old chocolate lad was diagnosed with aggressive mass cell tumor, we exerted extreme efforts to change his diet to assist in his recovery from Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Fortunately, this brand has all the recommended food items required to eliminate all the bad products from his diet – ingredients that are approved by the university nutrition department.

What users didn’t like about fromm grain free dog food

There are only a few unhappy consumers and most of them are reports of bad delivery –

Fromm is the only food we use.Package had a slit, product spilled into the box. Not a lot but shipping had a problem of some sort. A day late in receiving.


The Fromm Four Star Game Bird Dry Dog Food is indeed a game changer in the industry. If you have multiple dogs or if you prefer a family-owned-and-operated brand that’s a hundred percent made in the USA, this Fromm grain free dog food makes an ideal solution.

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Review

wellness core natural grain free dry dog food review

Sometimes, all your dog needs are the basics of wholesome nutrition from this Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food. This Original Formula is a protein-focused nutrition dedicated to adult dogs and also for little pups. Read this review to know more about the product!

Benefits of using wellness core natural grain free dry dog food

Protein-focused nutrition

As stated just above, this recipe is formulated to provide your canine companion with the daily protein dosage that he needs. The protein content of this dog food is sourced from real chicken and turkey. Your doggo will most likely crave for the familiar chicken flavor that most dogs love.

Great ingredients

You can start feeling confident when you feed your dog with nothing but wholesome nutrition that he essentially needs. This is a grain-free, high-protein recipe derived from real deboned turkey, chicken meal and turkey meal. The recipe is also crafted with spinach, kale, broccoli, flaxseed, apples, and carrots – healthy vegetables to give your dog even more benefits.

CORE wellness

What makes the CORE edition different from other Wellness products? The CORE recipe promotes a distinct grain-free diet that targets your dog’s whole health through an overall nutritional equation.

Wellness crafted their CORE dog foods by specially selecting ingredients and thoughtfully managing nutritional ratios. This one is packed with higher proteins but is still balanced with other nutrition.

Healthier skin

This Wellness is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon and flaxseed oil – substances that are known to nourish the skin. You can expect your doggo to develop shinier, healthier skin and coat.

Healthier joints

If your dog tends to be highly active and always on the move, he will surely benefit from the chondroitin and glucosamine content of this food. These ingredients are known to maintain joint and bone health, consequently supporting your canine pal’s mobility and actions.

Probiotic goodness

The kibble is coated with probiotics; an effective way to promote a better digestive health for your furball.

No unwanted goods

This Wellness Core does not contain not-so-desirable ingredients such as wheat, meat by-products, artificial colors, soy, corn, and other preservatives and flavors. Your pup deserves the best, so start feeding him with something that’s real and authentic.

FAQs about wellness core natural grain free dry dog food

Who and where is this food manufactured?

This dog food is manufactured by Wellness Natural Foods for Pets, which is based in Massachusetts.

Is this food made in the USA?

Yes, it is.

Is this food ideal for an adult small dog like a West Highland Terrier?

Yes, it is.

Is this Wellness ideal for my diabetic lab?

For dogs with unique needs, the best idea is to consult a professional vet.

What users like about wellness core natural grain free dry dog food

This kibble already made thousands of reviews on Amazon and majority of which are dazzling five stars. One user reported –

Although all Wellness brand foods we've tried are good, CORE Grain-Free, is the best. My dogs’ poops are consistently perfect, their temperament more positive, and their energy more solid. I can see they’ve been more appreciative after every meal time. I am amazed to see the difference when trying this grain-free.

Another pet-parent shared her experience of how this Wellness changed his dog’s life for the better –

My dog loves this! I originally fed him with a lower end brand not knowing it’s one of the worst brands that we could ever encounter. His previous food gave him digestive and stomach issues; visiting the vet confirmed it was indeed caused by the food. With this Wellness, he hasn’t had one issue! He’s even excited whenever the delivery comes.

What users didn’t like about wellness core natural grain free dry dog food

One user pointed out how the kibble differs across different stores –

I noticed the Amazon kibble was smaller and a bit drier compared to the one I purchased at Petco which had relatively larger kibble. However, my dogs seem to be doing well with both.


Overall, the Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food is the best protein solution you can feed your dog. It packs some excellent ingredients with no fillers to give your dog only the best.

Iams Grain Free Dog Food, Farm-Raised Chicken and Garden Pea Recipe Review

Iams Grain Free Dog Food

This Iams Grain Free Naturals is a farm-raised chicken and garden pea recipe, formulated to give a balanced and complete nutrition to sustain your adult dog. This AAFCO approved recipe can easily be the best Iams Grain Free Dog Food.

Benefits of using iams grain free dog food

Chicken goodness

The first ingredient is chicken, farm-raised to ensure a natural and excellent source of fat and protein. Also, most dogs tend to love the flavor of chicken, making this recipe an ideal choice to lure your dog into this meal.

Pea nourishment

Peas may look like an ordinary starchy member of the legume family, but this simple-looking second ingredient is actually a rich source of plant-based protein, along with essential carbohydrates, and multiple vitamins and minerals.

Pea starch is the binder used in this kibble and is basically the third ingredient in this recipe. It’s a gluten-free carbohydrate derived from peas, hence the name.

Guaranteed zero unwanted stuff

You can be confident in feeding your dog with this Iams Grain Free Naturals dry dog food. This product does not contain anonymous meat ingredients, artificial preservatives, and artificial colors.

Excellent protein source

You already have an idea of how this Iams dry dog food is a great source of protein. This recipe derives most of its protein from animal-based sources.

When looking for the ideal dog food, an important attribute you should look out for is its protein content. This Iams contains protein properties that are rich enough to provide an adult dog his amino acid requirement.

No more grain sensitivity

This dog food is specially formulated for dogs having grain sensitivity.

Brand legacy

The thing that makes Iams a great brand is they don’t promote feeding dogs with the same, generic food. This brand claims not all dogs are the same and that we should respect those differences. With that in mind, they offer a large array of premium recipes, each one tailored to meet the unique requirement of a certain dog.

This Iams dry dog food is dedicated to all adult dogs who need more protein and energy on a daily basis.

FAQs about iams grain free naturals dry dog food

I have two labs; 65 and 45 lbs. Are they too big or is it good for them?

This Iams will be good enough for dogs of that size.

Is it made in the USA?

Yes, this Iams dry dog food is made in the United States.

What users like about iams grain free dog food

One user praised the product for not giving his dog terrible gas –

I had him on another brand before but my 2.5-year-old Pitbull’s gas was unbearable. This dog food has been the best thing to happen for my dog. Grain free, yet he loves the taste and does not give him gas. The best part is the fact Amazon is the cheapest place to find this particular Iams. Now I will subscribe and save this.

Another user is happy with how his dog became a lean and mean running machine after almost two years of feeding his dog with this –

My breeder and veterinarian say my Standard Poodle looks great and in his top health! I started feeding him this Iams at about 6 or 7 months old and he’s been doing great for a year and a half already. I find it important for large breeds to develop their skeletal frame first before packing the weight of muscles. Now my dog is quite happy and full of energy!

What users didn’t like about iams grain free naturals dry dog food

One user is a little bit unhappy after finding out something –

I observed that my dog’s stool became softer. However, I am not sure what ingredient(s) was causing it.


Just by looking at its ingredients, no one would agree when one says the Iams Grain Free Naturals Dog food is an above-average dry dog food. The meat content of the recipe also seems sufficient to sustain an average adult dog. The manufacturer even inserted plant-based goodness that makes the kibble quite healthier than normal.

Overall, this Iams Grain Free dog food is an ideal choice if you are taking care of an adult dog.

Diamond Grain Free Dog Food, Real Meat Recipe Review

Diamond Grain Free Dog Food

Feed your canine companion with a great kibble he deserves – like the Diamond Naturals Grain Free Beef & Sweet Potato Formula Dry Dog Food. If you’re searching for the best Diamond Grain Free Dog Food, this one’s the ideal choice. Read on to know more about the product.

Benefits of using diamond naturals grain free dog food

Superfood source

One impressive thing about this Diamond Naturals is it’s enhanced with superfoods and probiotics. You can expect your dog to attain better development and overall health.

Real beef and great ingredients

Not all dogs like chicken or some other conventional food. This one comes with real beef as the first ingredient. Your dog will also like the real lamp protein embedded into the formula.

Natural recipe with a plus

Fruits and vegetables are included in the recipe to further enhance your furball’s health. Powerful antioxidants along with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids promote better skin and coat. You can expect your dog to appear with more shine.

Highly digestible

If your dog is prone to stomach upsets, you might want to switch to something he can digest pretty well. This Diamond Naturals is a nutrient-rich recipe with a high digestibility attribute to support good digestion. The manufacturer included a proprietary probiotic blend to make this possible.

NO fillers and unwanted things

Apart from being grain-free, this recipe is also free from other ingredients such as filers, wheat, corn, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. Now you can be confident you are feeding your dog with only the right food.

Made in the USA

Some people really consider the place of origin as an important factor. If you’re one of them, you’d be glad to know this Diamond Naturals is made in the USA by a family-owned-and-run company.

FAQs about diamond grain free dog food

What are the ingredients of this Diamond? Does it have chicken?

You don’t need to worry if your dog is allergic to chicken or corn – this dog food does not contain any. It’s made with beef and sweet potatoes.

How many cups are equivalent to one bag?

This actually depends on the size of the bag you are purchasing. One (1) pound of dry dog food is equal to about four (4) cups. So for example, you’re purchasing the 28 pounds, you will get around 112 cups of dog food. And if you’re purchasing the 14-pound bag, you will get around 56 cups of dog food.

How much do I feed my 110-pound dog?

The manufacturer recommends 5 ¾ to 6 ¾ cups per day for an ADULT dog.

Is this good for my puppy?

The Diamond Naturals Grain Free is formulated for all life-stages so this will do well with your little pup.

What users like about diamond naturals grain free dog food

A longtime user shared his experience on how this dog food benefited his canine bud from early stages to adulthood –

My dog is now 2 years old and I’ve been feeding him this brand since she was 12 weeks old. I love Diamond! The food keeps her healthy and maintains her coat nicely plus it’s so soft and lustrous. This brand was introduced to me by a local pet store employee when I asked for a great grain-free dog food in the middle price range. The best part is she can eat this dog food regardless of her age.

Another user reported how he tried many brands before stumbling up to this Diamond, and finally ended his dog’s allergic sufferings -

It took me a while to treat my dog’s allergies. What I did was to switch to Diamond Grain Free Dog Food and I noticed a big difference! It’s worth every penny spent. And I am also quite delighted that she really likes her food.

What users didn’t like about diamond grain free dog food

One user reported –

Not sure what went wrong since the ingredients seem okay, but my dogs got sick. It might just be my dogs.


Coming from a brand that prides themselves on claiming to have the most scientifically advanced safety protocols, this Diamond Grain Free Dog Food is yet another great product you should check out. This recipe can help your dog attain a complete and balanced diet.

Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dog Food, High Prairie Canine Recipe Review

Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dog Food

Looking for a complete and balanced nutrition?

The Taste of the Wild Grain Free Dog Food is one of the top best-selling products to date. With tens of thousands of consumers patronizing the product, it would be hard to find something that can beat this one.

Formulated with protein-rich ingredients including bison and buffalo, the Taste of the Wild Grain Free dog food makes an ideal everyday meal for your canine companion. Read on to know more about the product.

Benefits of using taste of the wild grain free dog food

Great recipe; Great ingredients

You’re most likely to get impressed just by seeing the list of ingredients. For starters, this one is crafted with real roasted bison and venison; and complemented with peas and sweet potatoes. The result is a highly-digestible energetic meal packed in a complete and balanced nutrition dedicated to improving your dog’s overall wellness.

Packed with healthy add-ons

Aside from the rich source of protein, this dog food is packed with natural antioxidants from natural fruits and vegetables. You can also be confident you are feeding your beloved pet with probiotic support from dried chicory roots. Further, amino acids maximize the absorption rate of your dog’s system. This is in addition to the essential minerals already existing inside the food.

Lean nutrition from real buffalo

Thanks to the real buffalo as the first ingredient, you can expect your dog to develop strong, lean muscles. Protein intake is further enhanced with the roasted bison and venison.

Healthy skin and coat

The ingredients behind enhancing your dog’s skin and coat are the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Purely grain free

Worried of your dog’s sensitivity? This Taste of the Wild contains only sustainable sources. You can be sure you’re not feeding your dog with any grain, wheat, corn, and any artificial ingredients.

FAQs about taste of the wild grain free dog food

Is this made in the USA?

Yes. This dog food comes from a family owned and run company and is made under strict scientific safety protocols and modern facilities.

Is there enough zinc in this kibble for my husky?

The food contains at least 150mg/kg of zinc.

Should I soak this food first?

It actually depends on you. The kibble can be fed dry or may be given with broth or water; if ever your dog needs a softer kibble.

What users like about the dog food

One user took the liberty of actually listing and comparing top-rated dog foods and calculated how much each product cost per pound –

This is a high-quality dog food that doesn’t break the bank. Matter of fact, this dog food is the best-priced product per pound. You can prove this if you do a little research by listing all 5 and 4-star rated food and evaluate for the cost-per-pound. You can also benefit from the probiotic content of this food; you might want to try this product if your dog tends to become sick a lot.

Another user shared the miraculous healing of his dog’s appetite after a few days with the brand –

We ditched our brand and switched to Taste of the Wild – finally something that is compatible with her appetite. She now eats the food right away. Also, after three to four days of feeding this one, her stools have finally been consistent and firmed up.

What users didn’t like about the dog food

Most users’ negative reviews root from the price like this one –

Great dog food, but the price changes so much, up and down, that you can't count it being priced less than local dog store prices.


The Missouri brand is a family-owned Diamond Pet Food company. Buying this dog food means you are feeding your dog with something made from state-of-the-art facilities across the USA.

Now your dog can enjoy premium real meat, fruits, vegetables – all fused in a delectable kibble that your dog will surely crave on a daily basis.

Overall, the Taste of the Wild Grain Free dog food is your all-in-one solution for providing your dog with immune system support, optimized nutrient absorption, balanced omegas, and most importantly, better health.