Rachel Ray Grain Free Dog Food

Rachel Ray Grain Free Dog Food Review


Feed your little furball with one of the best dry dog food today. The Rachel Ray Grain Free Dog Food is slowly roasted to eliminate all moisture while simultaneously locking in all the flavor. Now your doggo can have something that gives him ample protein in a delectable kibble that most dogs will really crave. Read this Rachel Ray Grain Free Dog Food review to know more about the product.

Benefits of using Rachel Ray Grain Free Dog Food

Real Salmon

Now here’s something quite healthier than your ordinary dog food. This Rachel Ray Nutrish contains real Salmon as the first ingredient. Salmon is known to provide easily digestible protein, packed with important nutrients that work in coalesce to preserve lean muscle mass and maintain healthy organs.

With healthier ingredients

Another thing that will make you raise a thumbs up is the wholesome fruits and vegetables added to the formulation. You’ll be feeding your dog with beet pulp and sweet potatoes. Now you can expect your dog to indulge in antioxidants and healthy fiber. Further, essential carbohydrates are brought by the peas and tapioca that are also included in the food.

Grain Free

You can be confident you are feeding your doggo something that doesn’t have any artificial flavor, color, and preservative. In addition, the Rachel Ray Nutrish doesn’t contain any by-products, fillers, glutens, and grain.

Optimum nutritional absorption

This dog food is specially crafted in such a way your beloved furball is able to consume and absorb as much nutrient as possible. It contains chelated minerals and essential vitamins to make this possible.

FAQs about Rachel Ray Grain Free Dog Food

Is the salmon ingredient wild caught or farmed?

The manufacturer guarantees the salmon they use is predominantly wild caught in Alaska. Only a small fraction is farm-raised, which is in Chile.

I have a small dog. What is the size of the kibble? Are they small enough?

If you’ll measure the kibble, each piece will be about ½ inch by ½ inch and also about ½ inch thick. Depending on your dog, it’s pretty small for most breeds, but could also be large for some. You might also want to note that the kibble is a little bit hard – so you can wet it to make it softer than it is.

Is this kibble from the United States?

The manufacturer’s dry dog food is made in the United States. However, they also manufacture treats and wet foods from Thailand.

I have a picky dog. Does this dog food smell great for a picky eater?

There are numerous user reports stating how their picky dog liked this kibble. Another consumer advice putting a little water and cooking it in the microwave for 15 seconds.

What Users Like about Rachel Ray Grain Free Dog Food

A user has been concerned about her dog’s skin and stomach issues. What makes things worse is her [former] dog food which is not able to alleviate the condition –

“My dog has been having a lot of stomach and skin issues. I switched to Rachael Ray's Zero Grain food. And my dog LOVES it. His stomach seems a lot better since eating the food. The best part is he’s excited about meal time again.”

Another user is concerned about her dog’s extreme itching. And now she’s glad how her Rachel Ray investment turned out well –

My sweet fur baby itched so much and was miserable. The vet suggested going "grain free". As luck would have it, this dog food was the first to meet the dietary requirement plus my frugal inclinations. After a couple of weeks, her itching disappeared and she loves the food!

What Users Didn’t Like about Rachel Ray Grain Free Dog Food

One user pointed out how the kibble could become so much better if it were smaller –

“The kibbles are just too big for him. I have a 25lb Mini Aussie. His ears seem to be doing better on this food. However, he won’t eat his meal unless we wet and soggy his kibble. It would be better they manufacturer in smaller pieces. “


Crafted with the world’s best ingredients and cooked in the USA, the Rachel Ray Grain Free Dog Food is something you can be confident feeding your dog.

Rachel Ray Grain Free Dog Food Review
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