Purina Grain Free Dog Food, Real Farm-Raised Chicken Review

Purina Grain Free Dog Food, Real Farm-Raised Chicken Review


Treat your beloved furball with this delectable Purina Grain Free Dog Food formulated with real farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient. The delicious recipe is enhanced with spinach, pumpkin, and blueberries. Read this Purina Beneful Grain Free Dog Food Review to know more!

Benefits of Using Purina Grain Free Dog Food

No grains. Only real food

Evident in its name, the Purina Beneful is a guaranteed grain-free product. It’s packed with real ingredients that most dogs tend to love. You can be confident you’re not feeding your dog with gluten, wheat or corn.

Healthy first ingredient

This kibble contains real chicken as the first ingredient. These are farm-raised poultry complemented by real fruits and vegetables. It even has spinach, pumpkin, and blueberries to give the most to your dog.

Crafted for the adult

The Purina Beneful is indeed ‘full of benefits’ for an adult dog. This kibble is a wholesome option if you want to keep your adult dog healthier and vigorous throughout the years.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition

A remarkable attribute of the Purina Beneful is the complete and balanced nutrition. The manufacturer claims to have included 23 essential vitamins and minerals in the kibble so consumers can give what their dog deserves.

FAQs About Purina Grain Free Dog Food

Does it contain any yeast?

No. This dog food doesn’t have any yeast. You can also check the label to confirm and for your peace of mind.

How long does the delivery take place?

Depending on whom you’re buying it from, the package usually ships in just two days or less.

Where is this kibble made?

This one is proudly made in the US – particularly in St. Louis, Missouri. 

What Users Like About Purina Grain Free Dog Food

One user who has gone through massive trial and error on vet-suggested food (usually expensive) and is now thankful to have encountered the Purina Beneful –

“My dog has major tummy and skin issues, and allergies galore. I was surprised by the Purina Grain Free Dog Food. His itching skin has enhanced extremely, his coat has gotten shiny and his feathery tail has begun to grow back out handsomely.”

Another user who recently made his dog convert from wet to dry is satisfied with the product –

“Definitely recommend. Recently transitioned from wet food to dry food, as it was suggested by the vet to keep our dog's teeth in decent condition. Our dog has a grain allergy and is picky about food. Dog loves this and hasn't seemed to even notice the transition from the wet food.”

What Users Didn’t Like About Purina Grain Free Dog Food

A user is unhappy and reported –

“My dog wouldn't touch it. The rabbit, however, tore it up.”


Overall, the Purina Grain Free Dog Food is a great choice for consumers having an adult dog. Your furball will surely dig into the food’s delicious taste. The best part is he’ll be getting a hundred percent complete and balanced nutrition!

Purina Grain Free Dog Food, Real Farm-Raised Chicken Review
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