Purina Balance Grain Free Dog Food

Purina Balance Grain Free Dog Food


Purina is known to produce dog food backed by expertise and more than 85 years of existence in the industry. With that in mind, it’s easy to get confident when you feed your dog with something from this brand. This Purina Balance Grain Free Dog Food is an ideal choice for pet-parents with a loving adult dog. Know more about this product by reading this review.

Benefits of Using Purina Balance Grain Free Dog Food

Grain-free goodness

One impressive feature of this dog food is its grain-free attribute. If you’re looking for something grain-free, then this Purina dry dog food makes an ideal choice. This Natural Adult Grain Free Lamb & Egg formula is a flavor that most dogs would like.

You can set aside your worries on ingredients such as soy, wheat, corn, and artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors – as they don’t exist in this formula. Moreover, this dog food doesn’t have any poultry by-product meal.

Good nutrition for an adult tummy

This dog food is rich in nutrients that help your dog attain a better overall well-being. It’s filled with antioxidants that elevate your dog’s immune system to another level.

The food also contains omega-6 fatty acids; now you can expect your dog to develop a healthier coat and a better skin. Further, this kibble is easily digestible so it’s totally friendly to your pet’s digestive system.

High-quality ingredients

Your dog deserves only the good; this Purina Pro Plan is crafted with high-quality ingredients that contain only real poultry, fish, or meat as the first ingredient. This Pro Plan Natural Adult is a Lamb & Egg formula with real lamb as the first ingredient. You can be confident you are feeding your dog with rich protein that will further help him develop better muscles and overall growth.

Promotes a better dog all throughout

This Purina offers to help your dog attain his best – all in a natural way. The brand boasts this dry formula to be something that really performs.

This formula is tailored to deliver optimum protein-to-fat ratio that assists your pet in maintaining the ideal body condition. Each ingredient, like this lamb & egg version, is carefully formulated for a specific purpose.

Quality brand for quality food

The manufacturer took tremendous effort in crafting this kibble and made specific formulations to cater the unique needs of a dog based on his age, taste preference, lifestyle, and dietary considerations. Purina offers five dog food nutritional platforms: Natural (like this kibble), Bright Mind, Savor, Sport, and Focus.

FAQs about Purina Balance Grain Free Dog Food

What is the level of protein in this product?

According to the manufacturer, this Purina Pro Plan contains 26 percent of protein – which can be considered as high.

What is the origin of this product?

A lot of people ask this because it matters to them. If you think the same, you’d be glad to know this dog food is made in the USA. This kibble has never been recalled either.

Does this dog food contain corn in any form?

This formula is grain-free and it does not contain any corn. You’ll also find no corn if you check the list of ingredients.

What Users Like About Purina Balance Grain Free Dog Food

Most users who are happy are those pet-parents having sensitive dogs and they are grateful for how Purina Pro Plan Natural is able to save their dog against it –

“My dogs love this kibble, it's pricey but you get what you pay for. My dogs have fewer allergies and skin irritations with this food – which they experience with another brand. They really seem to enjoy it more and it's easy to chew on them.”

Other users expressed how they tried other brands first before they discovered this dog food –

“This one works. My dogs love it and so do we after trying several brands and types of dog food. Have problems with certain types of food for our two dogs. No more digesting problems and they finally like something!”

What Users Didn’t Like About Purina Balance Grain Free Dog Food

There are a few unsatisfied pet parents who have picky dogs –

“Dogs weren’t super into it like other grain free brands.”


It’s not hard to trust a brand that has maintained reputation throughout the decades. This Purina Balance Grain Free Dog Food is an ideal choice if you have an adult dog that needs sufficient nutritional intake in a grain-free formula.

Purina Balance Grain Free Dog Food
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