Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Review


Don’t want to take risks?

Try this Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food.

Raising dogs always has its set of risks. One of such risks is in giving these dogs food. Dogs have their own unique nutritional needs that are different to other animals. They have lower protein needs than cats, but they have more need of a balanced diet.

There are also some dogs that are sensitive to certain ingredients. This makes it harder for dog owners to pick the best possible dog food to feed their pets. This is why it is quite important for owners to scrutinize each dog food product to know if it has the necessary nutrients and safety for the use of their dogs.

1. Benefits of orijen grain-free dry dog food

a. Nutrients tailored to dogs

The Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food offers a ‘high protein, low carbs’ diet to your dogs. It has various protein sources while only having few carbohydrates in its ingredients. This is the ideal diet for dogs. They have carnivorous canine origins especially when compared to wolves, and yet they also developed omnivorous capabilities as a species. So even though you would want meat and other proteins as your main ingredients, having a bit of carbohydrate in it is actually good for your dogs.

b. Efficient ingredients

The three main ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, and salmon. The chicken is there for the flavor while the two other ingredients are the main sources of protein for the product. The chicken meal is one of the best ingredients you can have in your dog food. It comes from the skin and meat of chicken, processed and dried, resulting in a final product that can be described as a highly nutritious and compressed ingredient.

c. Grain-free

The main source of carbohydrates of the Orijen Dry Dog Food is the sweet potatoes. There are no grain-like ingredients and no corn the making of this product. These ingredients may potentially harm your dogs, so they are not included.

d. Chicken flavored

The last important part of a dog food is the taste. After all, it does not matter how nutritious it is if your dogs will not eat it. Fortunately, the Orijen Dry Dog Food has a delicious chicken flavor. Unless your dogs are not chicken-lovers, they will definitely love this dog food. Furthermore, even though it is primarily made of chicken meat, other kinds of flavor are also present. These include the salmon, turkey, lake whitefish, and even more flavors that your dogs may appreciate.

2. Frequently asked questions about the orijen grain-free dry dog food

" Does this product have high amounts of sodium? "

No. The Orijen Dry Dog Food is low on sodium since high amounts are not necessary for your dogs unless they specifically need them due to some health issues.

" Does this include soy as one of the ingredients? "

No. Soy, especially on large amounts, can cause problems to your dogs. The ‘grain-free’ aspect of this product includes not having any soy. If you see this ‘grain-free’ tag on any brand, they most likely do not have soy in them as well.

" Do some ingredients come from China? "

No, not at all. All of the ingredients come from and are manufactured in either USA or Canada. There is no need to worry about the alleged ‘harmful’ Chinese ingredients that have circulated in the market

3. What users like about orijen grain-free dry dog food

A user, concerned about their dogs’ love of the dog food –

“My dogs love these. I frequently switch between this and one other product, and so far they seem more excited when they are eating this food. I definitely recommend this.”

Another user also commented on how their two dogs finally were in sync in liking this product–

“I have two dogs and both of them have their own preferences in food, so I always needed to have different products ready at the same time. Luckily, I tried this product, and they both loved it. Finally!”

4. What users didn’t like about orijen grain-free dry dog food

One user reported about how their dogs do not like the product–

“My dog has been suffering from stomach problems before, so I switched to this product. So far, the problems are gone, but he does not like it and will not finish it all. I think he is being very picky.”


The Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food product seems to be an appetizing treat for any dog breed. This is good because the nutritional content of this dog food is quite above the average compared to its competition. Having a great taste on top of that makes the Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food one of the best dog foods in the market.

Orijen Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Review
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