Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Review

Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Review


We spare no expense in giving our dogs the best possible food. If you are the same, then you may want to give your dogs the Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. It is flavored with real lamb meat, which is not only a good treat for your pets but also a good source of protein.

The Nutro MAX Dog Food comes in bags of two different sizes: a 4lbs bag and a 25 lbs bag. If you want to acquire more information about the product, read further ahead as we dissect why the Nutro MAX dog food is considered as one of the best product in the dog food industry.

1. Advantages of nutro MAX grain-free dry dog food to your pet

a. Packed with nutrition

The Nutro MAX Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is designed to nourish even the largest breeds of dogs. Each pack contains boatloads of protein from lamb, chicken, peas and other ingredients. It also contains natural sources of vitamins such as rosemary extract to aid in supplying your dogs a balanced diet.

b. Grain-free

Some dogs are more sensitive than others. Corn allergy is not uncommon anymore, and other similar problems may occur. The Nutro MAX Dog Food caters to the needs of these dogs by entirely removing these allergy-inducing ingredients in creating the product. This product has no wheat, corn, and soy. It also does not contain any artificial flavoring or coloring, ensuring a healthy and natural meal for your dogs.

c. Tasty lamb

Some products have chicken or salmon flavors. While this seems fine, other dogs simply prefer something different. Nutro Max Dog Food offers a good alternative with its lamb flavor. The taste will surely garner the attention of your lamb-loving canines. At the same time, although it has one permeating flavor, it does contain chicken meal and peas that adds variety to your dogs’ protein source.

d. GMO-free

Recently, people have been more concerned about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the effect they have on our bodies. If you are one of these people, you do not have to worry because aside from being grain-free, this product is also GMO-free!

2. Frequently asked questions about the nutro MAX grain-free dry dog food

Here are some questions asked by fellow pet-parents. You might have the same inquiry in mind so read on.

" Can my puppies eat this? "

Yes. The product is designed to be able to cater dogs of any breed and in any stage of life. Smaller dogs may even benefit more since they will need less food to fully nourish themselves. For those dogs that have trouble chewing, you can even mix this product with wet food for convenience.

" Is this made in China? "

No. The Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is made in the United States. We share your worry about potentially harmful ingredients being mixed in the food. However, you can be assured that the ingredients come from safe and trusted sources.

" Does the packaging guarantee the freshness of the product? "

Yes. The packaging is specifically designed for storing the dog food so they do not become stale.

" Does this contain chicken by-product? "

No. It contains chicken meal and not chicken by-product. This might be confusing but chicken meal is entirely different from chicken by-product. The former is something healthier and contains much more nutrition compared to the latter.

3. What users like about nutro MAX grain-free dry dog food

A user owning a sensitive dog has expressed their delight over how their dog did not encounter any problems with the product –

“My dog’s stomach is very sensitive. He kept getting ill with his previous food so I made the instant decision to switch to Nutro MAX. My dog is now healthy and is eating more.”

Another user expressed how the Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food improved the life of their dog–

“Allergies had plagued my dog before and he would shed fur nonstop. After desperately searching for better dog food, I found Nutro MAX. I am glad to say that it worked and the problems stopped completely.”

4. What users didn’t like about nutro MAX grain-free dry dog food

One user expressed regret about how their dog shunning the product–

“My dog is a picky eater and she would not eat it at all. Even though some people have said that his product is good, maybe Nutro MAX is not her thing.”


Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is a nutritious treat for your dogs. With many dubious products circulating in the market nowadays, it is one of the products that remain reliable with their ingredient sources. With that said, the Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is definitely one of your best options for food to feed your dog with.

Nutro MAX Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Review
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