Nutro Dry Dog Food

Nutro Dry Dog Food, Wholesome Essentials Adult Review


The Nutro Dry Dog Food is a great choice for pet-parents looking for great-tasting, high-quality dog food for a full-grown adult dog. This one comes with real, US farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient. Continue reading to know more about this incredible kibble!

Benefits of Using Nutro Dry Dog Food

Real Chicken

The first ingredient is probably the biggest thing that matters when it comes to dry dog food. This Nutro comes with farm-raised chicken sourced from trusted farmers and suppliers. Nutro also cooks their recipes with the finest ingredients from around the world. Further, this Nutro is made in the brand’s own US facilities.


If you’re a conscious pet-parent, you’ll be glad this kibble is made with non-GMO ingredients. The manufacturer claims their recipe is formulated with no chicken by-product meals, wheat, corn, artificial flavors, soy protein, and any preservative. As a result, your adult dog only consumes real, recognizable ingredients.

Natural Ingredients

Having high-quality natural ingredients increases the possibility of your dog to like the food. This kibble is packed with vitamins, minerals, real poultry, and other nutrients combined in a delectable recipe that your dog will more likely to crave and look forward to every meal time.

Healthier skin

With this Nutro dry dog food, you can expect your dog to develop a shiny coat and healthier skin due to high levels of zinc and omega-6 fatty acid in the recipe. Now it’s possible for your dog to improve his looks significantly.

Healthier body

Your dog will be nourished not just on the outside but also inside, this kibble is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that promote a better cellular health and stronger immune system. You can expect your dog to become more energetic and vigorous on a regular basis.

Whole grains

Having whole grains is actually an advantage in so many ways. For instance, premium whole grains can promote an improved digestive system so your dog can process the food better. A digestive system in good condition also means your beloved doggo can absorb nutrients more effectively.

FAQs about Nutro Dry Dog Food

What is the size of the kibble pieces?

Each piece of kibble measures around 0.50 by 0.25 inches; pretty enough size for large dogs to bite (even small ones too).

What is the difference between small bites and small breed?

Small breed means the kibble is formulated to sustain the nutritional needs of small dogs. On the other hand, small bites pertain to the size of the kibble itself; meaning small bites are as large as a pea.

Is this a soft dry dog food?

Apparently no. If you’re looking for such, the manufacturer recommends the Ziwi Peak dog food.

What Users Like About Nutro Dry Dog Food

Most pet-parents appreciate how this kibble saved their little furball. One user reported –

Our 7-year-old female has had numerous digestive and skin issues, and this Nutro Dry Dog Food doesn’t trigger any symptoms at all. It also happens to be the least expensive and the easiest to get because I have it on subscribe and save.

Even vets raise a thumbs-up for this product like this one –

We noticed a drastic difference in the sheen and softness of our border collie's coat when on this food. She is not as itchy as when on the organic Kirkland Costco food. Definitely a thumbs up. My fiancé agrees and she is a certified vet tech!

What Users Didn’t Like About Nutro Dry Dog Food

While most users are satisfied with the kibble itself, others expressed disappointment to their delivery experience –

I would buy this dog food again, but not through Amazon delivery, as the way it was dumped on my porch (we were home and heard it).


Overall, this Nutro Dry Dog Food is probably one of the few best dry dog food for full-grown adult dogs. With its natural ingredients and pure goodness, this one packs everything your adult doggo might require to sustain his daily needs. No GMOs, soy, wheat, and corn makes you feel confident when feeding this one to your pet. Further, this one’s crafted right in the US so you can ensure you’re buying only a high-quality product.

Nutro Dry Dog Food, Wholesome Essentials Adult Review
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