Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food Review

Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food Review


Nutri Source has been a reliable dog food product for a long time.

This time, this article is going to talk about one of their most popular dry dog food products. Introducing the Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food, one of the best dog foods available in the market.

It follows a grain-free formula and instead centered on delivering protein from chicken and pea. It comes in a 30-lb bag which is already enough to last for a long time. Since there are still a lot to know, you might want to read the whole article.

1. Advantages of nutri source chicken & pea dog food to your pet

a. Nutritious sources

One of the most important parts of a dog’s diet is protein. Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food gives you a very healthy option for its protein sources. The formula’s primary ingredient is chicken meal – a highly nutritious product of dried chicken. That is not enough, however, so they have added pea flour and salmon meal to even boost the protein value of the treat. At the same time that pea flour rounds out the formula with its nutritional value, it also shapes the food to be in its dry and easy-to-eat form.

b. Balanced diet

Although protein is of great importance, it will not hold much value without other components. The Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food also has added raw vitamins and minerals to the mix. These include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, and a lot more. Another thing to take note of is the amount of fats and carbohydrates in the product. You can sleep with ease for professionals have worked on bringing a good balance between protein, fat, and carbohydrates to this product.

c. No to grains

The grain-free and dry kind of dog food have gained more popularity over the years. This naturally, includes the Nutri Source Dog Food. It can’t be helped because more and more dogs have shown signs of allergic reaction to certain ingredients of previous products. This dog food has followed the trend, employing the no grain composition. In this product, there is no wheat, soy, corn, or any grain-related ingredients.

d. Chicken flavors

There are many different flavors of dog food. The Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food focuses on the hearty flavor of a chicken. If your dog prefers chicken over other meat, then this product is for you.

2. Frequently asked questions about the nutri source chicken & pea dog food

" Is this hard for dogs to eat? "

No. With the size just enough for most breeds to scarf down, this does not pose a problem for your dogs at all. Nutri Source also promotes easier digestion, hence not only is it easy to the mouth it is also easy to the stomach.

" My dogs keep asking for more. Are the nutrients not enough for larger dogs? "

It is definitely enough since this product was made to accommodate even the larger breeds of dogs. What is happening may be related to the fact that this product is grain-free. Generally, with grain-free food, dogs do not fill up as much. Alternatively, maybe the food is too yummy to not ask for seconds!

" Is this safe for my dog? "

Absolutely, yes. The sources of ingredients for Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food is all-natural and definitely safe.

3. What users like about nutri source chicken & pea dog food

A user could not stop praising the top-notch quality of the product –

“My dogs love it! Not only that but they are glowing more than ever. Their fur is a lot prettier and they have been shedding less.”

Another user also commented on why he chose Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food–

“I have been buying this brand for three years now so I decided to give this product a try. As expected, my dog loved the food, and there are no signs of sickness going on either. Nutri Source does not disappoint."

4. What users didn’t like about nutri source chicken & pea dog food

One user reported how their dog did not want to eat the product–

“I have tried many dog food flavors to pick what my dog likes the most. Sadly, this does not look to be the one for him. He only ate a small amount and did not touch it again.”


Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food offers a healthy and safe meal for your dogs. Your dogs may be sensitive or not, small or big, and young or old, but it does not matter for this product wants dogs of any kind to have the best food they can possibly ever give. So if you want to secure your dog's appetite, you are welcome to try the Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food.

Nutri Source Chicken & Pea Dog Food Review
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