Natural Balance Dry Dog Food, Limited Ingredient Review


The Natural Balance Dry Dog Food Limited Ingredient Diet is an ideal solution if you want to feed your dog with some high-quality, grain-free kibble. If your doggo sneezes frequently or if he constantly licks his paws, this Natural Balance dry dog food could be the effective way eliminate common allergy triggers. Read on to know more!

Benefits of Using Natural Balance Dry Dog Food


There are pet parents who only look for one thing when choosing a dog food – being grain-free. This Natural Balance Dry Dog Food, for instance, is a grain-free recipe with no artificial colors and flavors. Potatoes are an excellent grain-free ingredient since they are highly digestible for dogs. The recipe also has limited carbohydrates so fewer worries on your part.

Potato and Duck goodness

You might be more accustomed to feeding your dog with other mainstream flavor and this recipe (potato and duck) might be the last on your list. But wait till your dog craves for this once you start feeding him. Potato and Duck are two of the closest things you can get to a natural diet and most dogs tend to love this natural flavor.

Limited Ingredients Diet

L.I.D. diet means you can systematically specify your pet’s sources of carbohydrates and more importantly, protein. The recipe contains a limited list of premium protein and carbohydrate sources. Now you can assure your dog is consuming the right food for his growth and development.

The Limited Ingredients Diet doesn’t mean you’re feeding your dog with ‘less’ food. It pertains to giving your dog with simpler, more natural recipes to minimize the risk of sensitivities. Now you can have a unique alternative for a dog food that is rich in protein with less unnecessary elements.

Formulated for all Dogs

Impressively, you can feed this Natural Balance Dry Dog Food for any dog regardless of age; from puppies to adults to seniors. The kibble contains complete and balanced nutrition not just for all life stages but also for all breeds. Now you only need one food for your growing puppy and vigorous adult dog. No more guessing and no more switching.

Healthy Inside and Out

You can expect your dog to develop a healthy skin and shiny coat. Because this dog food leads to fewer sensitivities, you can be confident to feed this one to your allergic furball. Further, this kibble also promotes proper digestive health; and a lot of consumers can testify to that.

FAQs about Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

Does it contain an ingredient(s) sourced from China?

Basically no. The manufacturer’s website states all plants the brand uses for the Natural Balance Dry are from the US. However, they have other products like the Delectable Delights Stews which some ingredients are imported from Thailand.

What Users Like About Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

A lot of pet-parents praise the product for being their dog’s life-saver. One user reported –

“My dog has a sensitive stomach. He has bloody poops and yellow throwing up everywhere for years. Switched to this because the duck is close to a natural diet. He seriously hasn't had another throw-up or bloody poop in 4 years! I swear by it.”

Another pet-parent feeds his dog with this Natural Balance L.I.D. and reported –

“My puppy had been having a lot of mucus in her stool. Couldn't figure out what was causing it since her food was recommended by the vet. Turns out she's super sensitive and just one day after giving her this food, no more upset stomach! Her bowels are perfect!

What Users Didn’t Like About Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

People who rated the kibble with a few stars did so not because of low-quality issues but because of the price –

“[Three stars because it’s] Expensive, but it helps our dogs with their stomach problems.”


The Natural Balance Dry Dog Food is an ideal choice for pet parents who have sensitive furballs. This L.I.D. Potato & Duck Formula is a delicious kibble that your dog will surely look forward to every meal. The grain-free recipe is formulated to help dogs rebuild their immune system and cure certain conditions that other brands find it hard to do.

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food, Limited Ingredient Review
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