Merrick Grain Free Dog Food, Real Chicken and Sweet Potato Review


Allow your dog to start a good life with the Merrick Grain Free Dog Food, a grain-free recipe that contains real chicken and sweet potato that most dogs prefer. Now you can feed your dog with real chicken as the first ingredient complimented with peas and sweet potatoes that offer a bowl of delectable nutrition. Know more about the Merrick Grain Free Dog Food in this review.

Benefits of Using Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

Gives your dog real deboned chicken as the first ingredient

The best dog food is something that contains authentic ingredients especially the main one. This Merrick contains real deboned chicken as the first ingredient, enough to make you confident you’re feeding your beloved doggo with something that contains real and high protein. Now you can expect your dog to develop leaner muscles and healthier overall body.

Makes your pet healthier inside and out

What makes this Merrick different from other kibble brands is making you see your dog change for the good. It promotes a health that you can see. This grain-free recipe contains industry-leading omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that can significantly enhance your dog’s coat and skin.

You can also expect his hips and joints to improve, thanks to the rich levels of chondroitin and glucosamine contained in the kibble.

Made in the USA

While some people don’t mind, there are people who think the origin of the dog food matters. For those who do, you can be confident this kibble is cooked right in the United States, in Merrick’s organically certified kitchens.

Another plus is the fact no ingredient from China is imported and used in formulating this kibble. Further, the brand guarantees they only source their ingredients from local farmers that they trust.

Promotes healthier brain

In its own way, this Merrick grain free dog food contributes to making your dog smarter. It contains added DHA that helps in supporting brain development while your dog grows.

Meticulously crafted

The brand claims each kibble made in their kitchen is tested for safety and quality. This gives you more assurance as the pet-parent that you’re feeding your precious pup with high-quality kibble.

Grain Free

Ultimately, this Merrick recipe is totally grain free. It means the kibble doesn’t contain any gluten ingredient or any artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.

FAQs about Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

What is the size of this kibble?

The kibble pieces are pretty small. It’s comparable to the size of a normal pea, only slightly larger. Others say it’s like a Bayer aspirin, only a little thicker.

Does it come properly packaged? I don’t like to receive a damaged bag.

The kibble bag is packed inside a larger box which is enough to protect it against damages and related issues during transport and delivery. Most users testify they have no issues with the packaging.

Is this kibble GMO-free?

Just because it’s grain-free doesn’t necessarily mean it’s already GMO-free. This product, for instance, is not GMO-free. However, that is not something to worry about. Though it’s not specifically labeled as “GMO-free certified” or “organic”, the manufacturer claims they try to use GMO whenever they can.

What Users Like About Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

Pet parents are thankful for the fact their dog's skin issues are healed -

“This is the best dog food we ever have. Our two-year-old English Bulldog has really severe skin allergies. We tried all the vet recommended brands but nothing’s effective. After several months I can safely say that I will never feed my dog anything else.”

Others also expressed how they don't regret switching to this brand -

“The dog's coats are shiny, they eat everything in the bowl, their stools are firm, and I have had absolutely no digestive problems since switching from another famous brand to Merrick.” 

What Users Didn’t Like About Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

There are also a few people who seem unhappy with the product -

“I ordered this a couple times and had no problems. However, the last time I had a similar issue as some others were reporting. Must have been a bad batch.”


If you’re looking for the best dog food that’s totally grain-free, this Merrick Grain Free Dog Food is one of the finest choices in the market today. It contains ingredients that promote a better well-being plus it’s formulated to be delectable so it won’t take long for your dog to love this kibble. 

Merrick Grain Free Dog Food, Real Chicken and Sweet Potato Review
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