Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Merrick Dry Dog Food, Grain Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Review


Is your beloved dog battling with allergies? This Merrick Dry Dog Food might be the solution. The Real Chicken & Sweet Potato recipe is a grain-free formula that contains real, deboned chicken complemented by sweet potatoes, blueberries, apples, peas, and so much more!

Benefits of Using Merrick Dry Dog Food

Chicken as the First Ingredient

You can learn in our Best Dry Dog Food buying guide about the importance of a kibble’s first ingredient. This Merrick Dry Dog Food contains authentic deboned chicken as its first ingredient accompanied by a variety of vegetables and fruits that will promote wellness in your dog.

Deboned chicken comprises 70 percent of the meat ingredients of this kibble. Now you can expect your dog to develop lean and healthy muscle tissues backed by good protein.

No Artificial Elements; Grain-Free

The kibble doesn’t contain artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. And it certainly is grain-free with no gluten properties at all.

Healthier Skin

If there’s one thing you’ll get impressed with this Merrick kibble is its ability to nourish your dog’s skin. It is packed with omega fatty acids and it delivers allergy-friendly nutrition that promotes a healthy skin. A lot of users are witness to their dog’s allergic transformation – more details below.

Ideal for all

Merrick claims to have sourced their ingredients from local farmers so your dog can only consume natural goodness. And since it’s all natural, handcrafted pet food, this Merrick is ideal for all breeds in all life stages.

This makes it ideal for people having multiple dogs in your home; you don’t have to buy separate kibble and spend more even though your dogs are of different ages.

FAQs about Merrick Dry Dog Food

Is this kibble GMO-free?

Basically no. The manufacturer can’t guarantee their kibble are free of genetically modified ingredients.

What is the size of the kibble?

The kibbles are pretty small. To give you an idea, each kibble is slightly larger than a pea, which is pretty similar to the size of an MnM candy.

How many cups are there in a 25-lb bag?

A 25-lb bag is equivalent to about 92 cups.

How does it come packaged?

You don’t have to worry about receiving a damaged bag. The kibble bag is packed inside a box, giving it a safe spot during transportation to your doorstep.

What Users Like About Merrick Dry Dog Food

This Merrick kibble is a favorite among pet parents and it’s got more five stars than all the remaining ratings combined. One user reported how his dog recovered from severe skin allergies just by feeding this Merrick Dry Dog Food –

“This is the best dog food we have ever bought! Our 2-yr old English Bulldog has really severe skin allergies. We tried all the vet-recommended brands but nothing worked. After about 8 months [with Merrick] I can safely say that I will never feed my dog anything else again. Within 3 weeks of using this food, my dog's skin cleared up and his fur became shiny and soft.”

Another user is satisfied by his decision to change his old kibble to Merrick –

“I have switched to Merrick and what a difference, my dogs are doing great on it. The dogs' coats are shiny, they eat everything in the bowl, their stools are firm, and I've had absolutely no digestive problems since switching from [another brand] to Merrick. The main reason I just love Merrick is it is 100% made in the good old USA!”

What Users Didn’t Like About Merrick Dry Dog Food

One of the few reasons pet parents rated Merrick with few stars is the simple fact their dog doesn’t like it –

“My dog doesn’t like the taste much so she hasn’t been eating it. Gave it stars for its quality nonetheless.”


Overall, the Merrick Dry Dog Food Grain Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe is something you should consider if your dog has sensitive skin. It contains real chicken for abundant protein plus it’s made in the USA! 

Merrick Dry Dog Food, Grain Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Review
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