Top 10 Low Sodium Dog Food Reviews and Buying Guide

There’s a great deal of crossover between human health issues and the problems suffered by your dog.

The key here is low sodium. You certainly don’t want to completely remove sodium from your dog’s diet. In the right levels, sodium helps to keep fluid in check and it’s also good for cell function.

We’ll look today at the top 10 low sodium dog food reviews to make your life easier. If your dog is experiencing any kind of health issues, the last you thing is being forced to wade through what seem an overwhelming number of options.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Before we check out the low sodium dog food reviews, it’s time to think about why sodium levels are a potential issue and what to do about it…

Sodium: What’s it all about?

Sodium plays a role in the normal growth and development of your dog.

Most healthy dogs can handle a diet rich in sodium without any adverse effects. A dog with no existing conditions won’t experience water retention or high blood pressure even if they are taking quite a lot of sodium on board.

If your dog has heart disease, it’s a different story. They will not effectively excrete sodium ions and you need to monitor their diet closely.

As dogs age, it’s a smart move to restrict sodium in their food. Mild restriction is fine.

So in general, sodium is a non-issue but for older dogs or those suffering from organ problems, you need to watch out.

The problem with too much sodium in your dog’s diet

As mentioned, many health problems that affect us also have a negative impact on our canine friends.

Excessive levels of sodium in the diet can bring about risks beyond simply feeling thirsty and needing more water…

If your dog has kidney disease or liver disease, your vet will advise you to dial back the sodium content in his food.

Dogs with congestive heart failure will have an excess of sodium ions in the body so if they take more sodium on board it can be damaging. Fluids will build and the already strained heart comes under further attack.

Benefits of low sodium dog food

Here’s a quick snapshot of some driving reasons to buy the best low sodium dog food:

  • Your dog will be better hydrated eating a diet low in sodium. Too much salt makes will give your dog an insatiable thirst but cut it back and they’ll need less to drink while still remaining well hydrated
  • Dogs with heart problems have difficulty processing sodium ions so low sodium dog food is a lifesaver
  • For any dogs with organ problems, diets with too much sodium can cause serious health risks. Giving them the best low sodium dog food can keep them on an even keel
  • You can save on vet bills in the long run by investing in the best low sodium dog food and stopping health issues head on with the right type of food

How about a no-sodium diet?

Opinions vary to some extent about sodium in the diet…

Some people label salt as an evil that needs completely driving out but this is a pretty limited view.

Sodium is a mineral that your dog needs in the right amounts so cutting it out completely is unwise.

If you end up depriving your dog of minerals, this might bring about health issues that would otherwise not have manifested.

Use common sense and adjust sodium levels to take the size of your dog into account. It’s only natural that a big breed will be able to weather more sodium than a much smaller dog.

What is considered low sodium dog food?

While there are several variables, there’s a general benchmark for low sodium dog food…

Less than 100mg of sodium per 100 calorie portion = Low sodium content

Using this simple guide, you can easily get a rough idea about the sodium content of your dog’s current food or any other you are thinking of trying out.

With dry dog food, the sodium content should make up less than 0.3% overall.

The upshot is that there is no substitute for talking with your vet and getting precise and specific advice for your dog.

These figures, though, can give you a fairly accurate starting point.


Now you’ve got a good idea about why you need to monitor the sodium levels in your dog’s diet and how to go about it.

We’ll now look at 10 low sodium dog food reviews so you can simplify the buying process and give your dog a taste sensation while also looking after his health.

Top 10 low sodium dog food reviews 2020

1. The honest kitchen human grade dehydrated organic grain dog food

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

We’ll kick off our low sodium dog food reviews with each 10-pound bag bearing the fruits of 40 pounds of fresh food.

The Honest Kitchen was started 15 years ago and specialized in organic, grain free foods for all breeds and sizes of dog. The founder, Lucy Postin, had a dog with an ear infection and experimented making foods from scratch to combat this ailment. From that kitchen, the company was born and it continues to go from strength to strength.

This brand uses the tagline Human Grade for their food and this free range chicken recipe should give your dog’s taste buds a treat. The food is prepared in human-grade facilities and demonstrates The Honest Kitchen’s commitment to quality.

The use of fresh food rather than by-products makes a huge difference. You feel you are giving your dog the benefit of your own food with the bonus of it being tailored specifically for him.

If you’ve got dogs of different ages, this food makes a wise choice as it’s ideal for puppies or adult dogs. Kiss goodbye to multiple bags of food.

This food is rich in protein and carbs while low enough in sodium levels to safeguard your dog’s health.

For anyone looking for the best low sodium dog food without compromising taste or ingredients, The Honest Kitchen range is well worth checking out.

2. Royal canin adult boxer dry food

Royal Canin Adult Boxer Dry Food

Royal Canin are a heavyweight in the dog food industry. Although their food range is not particularly cheap, you know you are buying into a brand you can trust.

Their range of formulas for pure breed dogs allows you to buy in confidence knowing that you’re getting a tailored solution not a one-size-fits-all recipe.

This Boxer dry food is best for adult dogs. Although this might seem like a very specific food to include on a top 10 list, boxers are particularly susceptible to cardiac sensitivity. As we explored above, dogs with heart problems need food with very low sodium levels. Royal Canin steps in to save the day.

This dry food is packed with DHA, EPA and taurine. These are all known to help regulate cardiac function.

Plenty of protein and L-carnitine ensures that your boxer will pack on plenty of muscle while benefiting from a lack of sodium.

The kibbles are curved making it much easier for your boxer to wolf them down.

If you want to enhance your boxer’s cellular health and cardiac function by delivering all the nutrients he needs without too much sodium, check out this Royal Canin dry dog food today. It delivers in fine style and is a strong contender for best low sodium dog food.

3. Hill’s science diet sensitive stomach and skin adult dry dog food

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach and Skin Adult Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science are responsible for a comprehensive range of dog food developed by a team of over 200 vets, scientists and nutritionist so you know that your furry friend is in for a treat while his health needs will be well looked after.

This formula is targeted at adult dogs with sensitive digestive systems or skin complaints.

There are several different choices but we went for the chicken meal and barley recipe. As with all Hill’s Science dog food, there are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

The food is low in calories meaning that it’s a great option if you want to manage your dog’s weight. He’ll still get plenty of goodness, though…

Packed with high quality proteins, amino acids and vitamins, the food is also low in sodium so if your dog needs a low sodium dog food, this fits the bill perfectly.

If you ask yourself who you trust most when it comes to your dog, the answer should be your vet. If it isn’t it time to get a new vet! Hill’s Science Diet comes rated as the food vets are most likely to feed to their own pets. You can’t ask for much more than that as a vote of confidence.

Road test some Hill’s Science today and see how your dog laps it up tomorrow!

4. Purina pro plan focus sensitive skin and stomach dry dog food salmon and rice formula

Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin and Stomach Dry Dog Food Salmon and Rice Formula

Many cheap dog foods from unknown brands come with far too much sodium. If you invest in food from a company like Purina, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a huge number of scientists and vets all on board to create the best dog food for every eventuality.

This blend, like the Hill’s Science, is designed to soothe dogs with sensitive skin or stomach problems. There are 5 ranges and this food is part of the Focus collection.

We went for the 30-pound bag. Buying dog food in bulk gives you the best price. Ordering online also means you won’t need to lug a heavy bag home with you.

The salmon and rice formula gives your dog plenty of easily digestible fiber to promote better digestion. There’s fish oil to give your dog a dose of amino acids for healthy joints and better mobility.

With no corn oil, soy or wheat, this food is perfect for even the most sensitive dogs.

Packed with protein but low in sodium levels, this high quality dog food will make meal times a treat for your pooch while ensuring that all his health needs are met.

If you’re on the hunt for some low sodium dog food at a price you will love, check out this Purina Pro Plan before it sells out.

5. Natural balance limited ingredient diets lamb meal and brown rice adult dry dog food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dry Dog Food

As we reach the midway point of our low sodium dog food reviews, it’s time for some adult dry food from Natural Balance, another shark in the dog food industry.

There are 4 different sizes and we opted for the 28-pound which is not the cheapest but still represents reasonable value for money.

The idea of Limited Ingredient Diets is to lessen the number of foods and other ingredients your dog is exposed to thus minimizing the chance of any allergies or adverse reactions.

This lamb meal and brown rice formula serves your dog up with all the protein and carbs he needs to grow and keep his energy levels up. At the same time as delivering all this goodness, Natural Balance also ensure that he won’t be getting an excess of sodium.

The manufacturer suggests that you combine this food with some of their canned range to give your dog a mix of wet and dry food. You can also feed him the dry food on its own.

Natural Balance has been established since 1989 and the natural limited ingredient foods they offer are a consistent best-seller among pet lovers. For one of the best low sodium dog foods on the market, why not order some up and let your dog be the judge…

6. Hill’s science light diet adult dry dog food

Hill’s Science Light Diet Adult Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science enters the fray again with this great low sodium Science Diet dog food.

If you have an adult dog up to 6 years old that is less active than he could be and starting to gain weight, this range of low-calorie food could be just what you’ve been looking for…

The protein comes from high quality sources and your dog will also get a great dose of all the nutrients he needs to thrive without piling on the pounds.

You can choose between regular bites or small bites. Think about how your dog feeds and buy accordingly. We went for the regular sized bites.

This premium food contains no unwanted coloring, flavoring or preservatives so your dog’s health is in safe hands.

Making sure your dog gets sodium in the right levels is especially important if he is suffering from any heart, kidney or liver problems. It’s pointless spending out money to see the vet if you’re not going to back this up with the right food. If you’re looking for some low sodium dog food you can count on, Hill’s Science makes sense.

This food comes with a money-back guarantee if you and your dog are not completely satisfied. This takes all the sting out of buying so why not give some Hill’s Science Light a try? You’ve got nothing whatsoever to lose.

7. The honest kitchen human grade dehydrated grain free dog food chicken recipe

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Dog Food Chicken Recipe

As we near the end of our low sodium dog food reviews, it’s time to revisit The Honest Kitchen.

This dehydrated food comes from fresh, whole ingredients with 40 pounds of goodness packed into each 10-pound package. Just add some water for a fantastic reconstituted meal.

The free range chicken recipe we ordered is an organic whole grain food that’s suitable for all ages and breeds of dogs. This simplifies feeding time in a busy household with pets of different ages and types.

Unlike many less reputable brands, this dog food is processed in the USA in human grade food facilities.

You know your dog’s health better than anyone except your vet so if you need to cut down the sodium in his diet, what better solution than some dehydrated whole grain food from The Honest Kitchen?

8. Hill’s prescription diet cardiac health dry dog food

Hill’s Prescription Diet Cardiac Health Dry Dog Food

If your dog is laboring with cardiac problems, you need to take charge not just with regular vet visits but also with the best low sodium dog food so you don’t leave anything to chance.

Keeping sodium levels in check is crucial to keep your dog’s blood pressure low. The last thing you want is to worsen his heart problems with soaring BP.

Taurine helps to encourage cardiac muscle metabolism and L-carnitine is also highly beneficial for heart health. To combat lost nutrients, there are elevated levels of vitamins and minerals.

Just because you are putting your dog’s health uppermost, that’s no reason for any sacrifice with taste. This chicken recipe should have your ailing dog eager for meal time and will hopefully ensure he enjoys those meals for many years to come.

When your dog starts experiencing health niggles, don’t give up. Regular consultations with the vet and a diet that takes these problems into account should see him up and running in no time.

For one of the best low sodium dog foods on the market today, give some thought to this cardiac health dry dog food from Hill’s Science. It will not disappoint.

9. Hill’s science diet large breed dry dog food

Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Dog Food

A final entry from Hill’s Science before we finish up our look at the best low sodium dog food you can buy.

This dry food is for large breed dogs prone to heart problems.

With fewer calories then regular food but plenty of L-carnitine to make sure your dog still has ample energy, this is a great way to keep your dog’s weight under control while not cutting back on the essential nutrients he needs.

The food is rich in valuable antioxidants and also stuffed with vitamins so your dog’s immune system will be well looked after.

There are 5 different sizes from 15.5 pounds through 38.5 pounds so there’s something for every budget. We shot for the 33-pound package in chicken meal and barley. If your dog doesn’t fancy that, you’ve got 4 other flavors at your disposal.

Larger dogs can experience joint problems and this food has natural sources of glucosamine to soothe their aches away.

This blend is best suited for adult dogs up to the age of 5.

If you’re looking for a tasty and nutritious low sodium dog food to make sure your large breed pride and joy keeps going for years, pop this wonderful dry food from Hill’s Science on your shortlist.

10. Purina pro weight management dry adult dog food

Purina Pro Weight Management Dry Adult Dog Food

As we come to the end of our low sodium dog food reviews, another entry from Purina, this weight management food for overweight dogs.

The dry food is low in fat and calories. The protein to fat ratio is designed so that your dog can still maintain his lean muscle without packing on any extra blubber.

Whether you want your dog to lose weight or you need to maintain his current mass, this weight management food is low in sodium and packed with all the other goodies your dog needs.

This 32-pound bag is fairly expensive but you are getting a specialized feeding solution that comes at the cost of extensive scientific research. The best things in life are rarely cheap and it’s no different with dog food.

If your dog prefers wet food, you can get the same benefits with a different consistency no problem at all.

Check out the Purina Pro Weight Management food if you want to make sure your dog has sodium in his system at just the right level. Remember, too little is just as harmful as too much.


We hope you’ve found plenty of useful information in these low sodium dog food reviews.

Get in touch any time with your questions or feedback. We always respond promptly.

Feel free to share our articles with any dog lovers on your preferred social media.

Now dial back that sodium and give your dog a treat!

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