How To Know If A Dog Likes You

How To Know If A Dog Likes You


Today, there are myriads of people who own a dog. For different reasons, we are just too fond of them. They are adorable, and we certainly feel better when they are on our side. But have you ever wondered what their thoughts are? What is the meaning of their barks and what are they trying to communicate with you? Moreover, have you ever thought how to know if a dog likes you? Then ease your mind, it sure does hard to understand them but they do certain things when they really like you.

If you wanted to know if your dogs are grateful and truly like you then there are the things they like to do. You just have to pay attention.

Signs That A Dog Likes You

1. The Dog Tails Wag To The Right

Tail wagging shows that your dog is affectionate with you. When he sees you and he immediately wags his tails then you’ve got a dog who loves you dearly. Although, tail wagging could also mean something different. It still depends on how and where the tail wags. When the dog likes you he will wag his tail to the right. Moreover, take note that when he does this, the facial expression should be calm.

Before you go near, you should also observe of the other signs the dog do with his tail. This is based on the study of Italian veterinarians and a neuroscientist. When the tail is pointed and wag to the left then the dog doesn’t like you. He may not up for some friendship between the two of you. Further, when the dog’s tail is up over his back it is also a sign that the dog doesn’t like you very much. Stay away from these dogs because they might not be comfortable when you are around.

Thus, when your dog’s tail wags to the right and shakes his butt then you’ve got a dog that you can like because he likes you back.

2. The Dog Likes You When He Jumps On You

Don’t confuse this dog’s act with attacking you to death. The dog is just very happy that this person came back. This is the kind of action that shows that your dog is excited and happy to see you. For humans, the feeling is like when you see your crush passing by or you are going to finally date him. The same feeling goes for the dog that is why he will jump on you. However, this act could change when you train or discipline him that jumping on people is mean. The visitors might get annoyed and your suit may ruin when your dog keeps on jumping when he sees you.

You also need to be aware that the dog may jump on you not because he is happy but because he does not like you. He may feel threatened that is why he put on his best defenses and attack you. There are other dogs that undergone separation anxiety. One of the obvious symptoms is when the dog barks relentlessly when you are going somewhere. When you came back he will jump on you because for them it is a relief to see you again. It’s best to assure your dog that you will not leave them and that you will come back to cuddle and feed them.

3. When Your Dog Licks Your Face

The dog will lick you in the face to show you how much he likes to be with you. It may be a slight nuisance to you when you are doing something but always think that the dog just wants quality time. This is also their way to show you that they are grateful that you feed them and because you loved them. It could as well seen as a kind of respect, the dog will do this to recognize that you are the leader and that he must follow and protect you.

Licking the face is important for the dogs. For them it is intimate. It means that you have a deep connection towards each other. So don’t feel disgusted when your dog does this, he just likes you very much. That means you are a good person because your dog trusts and respect you.

4. Your Dog Will Give You A Soft Stare

You can tell that this is their “I like you” stare. It will melt your heart out because you can see it on their face that they are serious. They will look at you straight in the eyes, looking like they are asking for a hug.

Please also notice the dogs that had a wide eye and that you can see the white around the eyes. These dogs despise you and do not like you.

5. Your Dog Will Sleep With You

When your dog sleeps with you it shows that he likes you. Your dog really cares about you and that is why he wants to be near with you even you two are just sleeping. This means that your dog is comfortable with you and that he wants to keep you safe by being around.

Dogs are just like wolves too. They also consider that a pack is important and they want to huddle with their pack leader which is you.

6. Your Dog Likes To Follow You

When humans like somebody, we do want to be around them and would follow them anywhere. This is also same for dogs when your dogs like you then he will follow you around. Not just because you are the source of food but because when a dog likes you they will follow you and intervenes in whatever you do. When they like you so much, they will be going to be seekers of your attention.

It’s best to appreciate this act and just play with your dog for a moment. You could also train your dog to do some task for you because as much as possible your dog wants help to you.

7. Nosing

When your dog wants to lick your face they also won't do the nosing thing. Your dog will show you that they like you by pressing their nose. You are maybe stinky or you smell like meat but take this as an act that they like you.

However, this could also mean that your dog wants something. He may want you to hug and rub their bellies. Or he may want your time that’s why he will try their best to be adorable for you to give them treats and hug them often.

Tips To Make A Dog Like You

Are you worried that after reading everything above you found out that your dog doesn’t like you? Then it’s time to put a boost into that relationship by doing this tips so that you and your dog will have a deep connection.

Have Quality Time With Your Dog

You should have a quality time with your dog, whether it is going to be everyday walks, training or playing fetch. Make sure it is longer so that your dog can enjoy your company. There are a lot of things to do but the most important thing is that you should take your time and enjoy your adorable dog.

Give Your Dog Your Full Attention

When you and your dog are doing something, give your full attention to him. Look him in the eyes and scratch his back. Always make him feel that you love him.

Communicate With Your Dog

The key to a happy and harmonious relationship is through communicating well. Have him train the signals wherein you wanted to make him sit or stay away. When you develop a strong connection with signals then your bond together will be strong. Take note that you can use particular command and hand signals. Always, grab the opportunity to train your dog when he is still young so that he will get used to it when he gets older.

Train Your Dog

Train your dog to do new tricks for you to show your friends that your dog can do this and that. Train your dog to be obedient in your commands especially on your exercise and daily walks.

Have Fun Every Day

Your dog needs to play games too. It’s nice to play catch with your dog in the park. Buy him a ball or a toy bone so that when you are not around he can just play while waiting for you to have time.

Know What Your Dog Loves

Every dog is different from another. Other dogs may want to cuddle and don’t want to. There are dogs who want to play catch and there are dogs who want for you to walk them around. Thus, as a pet owner, it’s best for you to know the things your dog like. You should as well consider the things he hates too - avoid it. This will make your dog trust you completely. Conveniently, know the kind of foods he likes to eat as well because you can use these foods as his reward when he is obedient and helpful.

Be Patient With Your Dog

You may not notice this but your dog can read your expressions too. Your dog can identify whether you are mad or losing patience. So when you are with your dog be patient with his actions.

Don’t Be Too Hard With Your Dog

When you are asking your dog to do some tasks and he doesn’t make it right. He will feel troubled and mad with himself that is why it is better for you to cheer him up and boost your dog’s confidence.

Walk With Your Dog

Your dog needs some fresh air too. He also loves to see new places and maybe his dog best friend in the park. Thus, make your walks frequent, it can also make your dog healthy because it’s an exercise for him.

Treat Your Dog

After exercising and a hard training always give your dog a treat. It may be his favorite food or his favorite toy. They will appreciate it and this will make them like you more.

Cuddle With Your Dog

If your dog is sweet, he may up for some cuddling session. They want for you to rub their bellies or just hug them. This will help in taking all your stress away as well as making your dog felt safe.


I know owning a dog is a hands-on thing. This comes with effort and love just like taking care of a baby. It also requires your psychic ability to identify what are the meaning of their barks and actions. However, the things about How to Know if a Dog Likes You should be enough to tell you if your dog likes everything you do or he requires some more effort for him to fully like you. Treat them like a family member and keep in mind to clean and maintain their hygiene. Talk and be with them. Keep them healthy and rub their bellies. I hope that we do take care of our dogs and love them dearly. Cherish the time with them because unlike us they only have very limited time to live so make their life special and enjoyable by treating them right.

How To Know If A Dog Likes You
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