Kirkland Grain Free Dog Food

Kirkland Grain Free Dog Food – Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Review


Is your dog suffering from allergies?

Maybe he is sensitive to most processed dog foods.

Why not try something organic and grain-free? The Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain USDA Organic Chicken & Pea formula could be your dog’s salvation. Packed with organic goodness, you’ll be confident to feed your dog with something that promotes a healthier well-being. Read on to know more about the product.

1. Benefits of using Kirkland grain free dog food

a. High-quality

The Signature Nature’s Domain recipe is composed of above-average ingredients, making this Kirkland a promising dog food and truly not the ordinary type.

This organic chicken and pea formula is made with organic ingredients dedicated for all special adult dogs out there. This is a complete and balanced food with real, organic chicken as the primary (number 1) ingredient.

Other organic whole foods present in the formula include lentils, peas, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, and more. You can expect your dog to consume quality ingredients and achieve better vitality and overall health.

b. Organic and grain-free

This one’s a plant-based, grain-free dry dog food. Its formula also contains named meats as its sources of animal protein. The beauty of being organic and grain-free lies on how it supports a sensitive dog.

Most dogs suffering from certain digestion issues will only get better by eating organic and grain-free formulations. So if you notice your dog tends to be picky about his food, it’s probably because he needs something else. It’s probably time to switch to organic.

c. Protein-rich

As carnivorous creatures by nature, dogs thrive on protein. With that in mind, you might want to feed your dog with something that contains moderate-to-high levels of protein; and this Kirkland has got what it takes to compete. The recipe contains around 22-27 percent of protein content and 15 percent of mean fat level.

Though there are other dog food containing higher protein, fat, and carbs content, this Kirkland having a somewhat ‘moderate’ amount of meat wins by being organic.

d. Enriched with omega

You already know this dog food contains vegetable and legumes for added benefits from this phytonutrients. While that green goodness seems enough in keeping your dog healthy, Kirkland has more surprises for your beloved dog. The formula contains a blend of omega fatty acids – ingredients that target your dog’s skin by making it healthier. You can also expect your dog to produce a shiny coat.

2. FAQs about Kirkland grain free dog food

" What is the source origin of this product? "

COSTCO guarantees this dog food is purely made in the USA.

" What is the size of the kibbles? "

It resembles the size of a dime; also a flat disc in shape. The pellets are pretty small but there are concerns they might be too large for extremely little dogs. However, users with dogs as little as 8lbs seem to have no problems.

3. What users like about Kirkland grain free dog food

One user reported how they prefer organic and non-GMO products –

“Our family only patronize organic and non-GMO products as much as possible. The good thing about this Kirkland is it’s quite literally the only affordable Organic Certified dog food I can find on the market. We recently rescued a dog and she has lots of digestive issues. After two weeks on this dog food, I can notice the food certainly helps keep my dog’s digestion on track.”

Another user reported how the dog food provided help against allergies –

“My dog has awful allergies and this Kirkland absolutely helped him regain his health. I think organic is the right product for my dog because the symptoms have cleared up.”

4. What users didn’t like about Kirkland grain free dog food

Some users are impressed like this one –

“My dog’s poop is a tad too soft. But I still have to observe further.”


The Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain is a highly recommended grain-free dog food ideal for people looking for the best organic dog food in the market today.

With all its benefits and high-quality ingredients, this Kirkland grain free dog food is probably the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Kirkland Grain Free Dog Food – Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Review
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