Iams Grain Free Dog Food

Iams Grain Free Dog Food, Farm-Raised Chicken and Garden Pea Recipe Review


This Iams Grain Free Naturals is a farm-raised chicken and garden pea recipe, formulated to give a balanced and complete nutrition to sustain your adult dog. This AAFCO approved recipe can easily be the best Iams Grain Free Dog Food.

Benefits of Using Iams Grain Free Dog Food

Chicken goodness

The first ingredient is chicken, farm-raised to ensure a natural and excellent source of fat and protein. Also, most dogs tend to love the flavor of chicken, making this recipe an ideal choice to lure your dog into this meal.

Pea nourishment

Peas may look like an ordinary starchy member of the legume family, but this simple-looking second ingredient is actually a rich source of plant-based protein, along with essential carbohydrates, and multiple vitamins and minerals.

Pea starch is the binder used in this kibble and is basically the third ingredient in this recipe. It’s a gluten-free carbohydrate derived from peas, hence the name.

Guaranteed zero unwanted stuff

You can be confident in feeding your dog with this Iams Grain Free Naturals dry dog food. This product does not contain anonymous meat ingredients, artificial preservatives, and artificial colors.

Excellent protein source

You already have an idea of how this Iams dry dog food is a great source of protein. This recipe derives most of its protein from animal-based sources.

When looking for the ideal dog food, an important attribute you should look out for is its protein content. This Iams contains protein properties that are rich enough to provide an adult dog his amino acid requirement.

No more grain sensitivity

This dog food is specially formulated for dogs having grain sensitivity.

Brand legacy

The thing that makes Iams a great brand is they don’t promote feeding dogs with the same, generic food. This brand claims not all dogs are the same and that we should respect those differences. With that in mind, they offer a large array of premium recipes, each one tailored to meet the unique requirement of a certain dog.

This Iams dry dog food is dedicated to all adult dogs who need more protein and energy on a daily basis.

FAQs about Iams Grain Free Naturals Dry Dog Food

I have two labs; 65 and 45 lbs. Are they too big or is it good for them?

This Iams will be good enough for dogs of that size.

Is it made in the USA?

Yes, this Iams dry dog food is made in the United States.

What Users Like about Iams Grain Free Dog Food

One user praised the product for not giving his dog terrible gas –

“I had him on another brand before but my 2.5-year-old Pitbull’s gas was unbearable. This dog food has been the best thing to happen for my dog. Grain free, yet he loves the taste and does not give him gas. The best part is the fact Amazon is the cheapest place to find this particular Iams. Now I will subscribe and save this.”

Another user is happy with how his dog became a lean and mean running machine after almost two years of feeding his dog with this –

“My breeder and veterinarian say my Standard Poodle looks great and in his top health! I started feeding him this Iams at about 6 or 7 months old and he’s been doing great for a year and a half already. I find it important for large breeds to develop their skeletal frame first before packing the weight of muscles. Now my dog is quite happy and full of energy!”

What Users Didn’t Like about Iams Grain Free Naturals Dry Dog Food

One user is a little bit unhappy after finding out something –

“I observed that my dog’s stool became softer. However, I am not sure what ingredient(s) was causing it.”


Just by looking at its ingredients, no one would agree when one says the Iams Grain Free Naturals Dog food is an above-average dry dog food. The meat content of the recipe also seems sufficient to sustain an average adult dog. The manufacturer even inserted plant-based goodness that makes the kibble quite healthier than normal.

Overall, this Iams Grain Free dog food is an ideal choice if you are taking care of an adult dog.

Iams Grain Free Dog Food, Farm-Raised Chicken and Garden Pea Recipe Review
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