Iams Dry Dog Food

Iams Dry Dog Food, Proactive Health Adult MiniChunks Review


If you have a one-year-old dog or older, the Iams Dry Dog Food might be an ideal choice. This Proactive Health Adult MiniChunks recipe is designed to help build firm, robust muscles from protein-rich ingredients like chicken and egg. Further, this kibble is packed with multiple essential nutrients that nourish your dog’s heart.

Benefits of Using of Iams Dry Dog Food

Built for 1-year-olds

This dry dog food is specially formulated to cater the needs of dogs aging one year and above. You can expect your dog to become healthier and normally active in this life stage; it’s not called Proactive for no reason.

Guaranteed High-Quality

Certified veterinarians themselves recommend Iams Dry Dog Food to most pet-parents. The manufacturer claims to have spent tremendous effort in making your dog’s diet better by integrating science in the process. And now vets raise their thumbs up!

Real Chicken

The first ingredient is the most important factor in choosing what to serve your little furball. It must be real and full of protein. This Iams Dry Dog Food is prepared with real, farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient – an ideal ingredient that dogs tend to love.

A Texture that Helps

One impressive thing about this kibble is its crunchy texture. The crunchy kibbles serve as scrubbing mechanism that scrubs your dog’s teeth while he’s chewing and biting it. The texture makes an effective scrub that prevents tartar and plaque build-up with every bite.


This kibble is packed with protein, nutrients, and antioxidants that enhance your dog’s well-being in multiple aspects. You can expect your dog to develop a stronger immune system, healthier heart, stronger muscles, and more. Further, this kibble contains fiber and prebiotics that aids in good digestion; now your dog can absorb nutrients better while optimally digesting what he consumes.

FAQs about Iams Dry Dog Food

What percentage is protein content?

This one contains 25 percent protein (minimum). Other substances inside include 14 percent crude fat and around 2.24 percent of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Is this package safely delivered?

There is virtually nothing to worry about delivery services as Amazon tends to be strict and careful in terms of transporting goods into your doorstep. The kibble is placed in a bigger box that serves as its shelter during the delivery process.

Is this brand AAFCO certified?

If you’ll do a little research, you can confirm the manufacturer’s claim that they are AAFCO certified to be true.

How many cups can you get from a 15lb bag?

A 15lb bag is equivalent to around 30 cups of kibble.

Would this be ideal for a 10-year-old Pomeranian or should I choose a small breed version? (H3)

Most users would recommend this one to small breeds, particularly adult ones. The kibble pieces are quite small that even small-size dogs will have an easy time eating them.

What Users Like About Iams Dry Dog Food

Users treat Iams as their dog’s saving grace against rashes –

“My dog had developed a bad rash on his back. It was probably the cheap dog food, Alpo. [Used Iams and] well, the rash is clearing up and the fur is growing back. My little dog stops scratching too. IAMS costs a bit more but it is worth it.”

Even picky dogs tend to love this kibble –

“This is great. We have a 1-year old chocolate lab with a sensitive stomach and she's a picky eater. We tried several other brands for sensitive stomachs to no avail. Iams Proactive was about the fifth food product we tried and she seems to love it. There are no stomach issues anymore and she cleans her bowel now.”

What Users Didn’t Like About Iams Dry Dog Food

There are some users who reported a bad delivery experience like this one –

“The food is great. The delivery was a day late and I had to get some from Walmart or the dogs would have gone hungry.”


Overall, the Iams Dry Dog Food is yet another remarkable kibble that contains all essentials your one-year-old dog might need. Chicken as the first ingredient, enriched antioxidants, nutrients, fiber – there’s virtually nothing you could ask for more.

Iams Dry Dog Food, Proactive Health Adult MiniChunks Review
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