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Top 10 High Calorie Dog Food Reviews and Buying Guide


It seems like half the world wants to lose weight while the other half wants to get bigger.

When it comes to animals, the same principle holds true…

The natural tendency is for dogs to become overweight rather than too skinny. This is especially true in the western world where commercial dog food is the norm.

Try searching for high calorie dog food and you generally get the opposite results with weight management foods or low calorie foods listed instead. This is not surprising since over half of all dogs in the US are considered obese.

In today’s high calorie dog food reviews, we’ll help you navigate the minefield and find foods rich in calories and nutrients without causing you to take out a bank loan.

Is Your Dog Underweight?

First thing’s first…

Always stay in close contact with your vet rather than making important decisions about the health of your dog alone.

The good news is that there are some obvious signs of a dog that could use some high calorie food to bulk up.

  • Bones sticking out, especially the shoulders and ribs
  • Lack of interest in food
  • Dull coat in generally poor condition
  • Drop in energy and reluctance to go for a walk
  • Decreased motivation almost like depression in humans

To be clear, if you identify any of these warning signs, there’s no need to immediately panic…

Certain breeds, for example, have very low fat reserves around the hips, ribs and shoulders. Visible bones in these dogs do not necessarily point to them needing to put on weight.

The sensible thing is to visit the vet if you have any cause for concern and work through it with him.

Why Would Your Dog Need To Gain Weight?

Dogs can be underweight for a variety of reasons. It’s important to bear in mind that this usually points to some deeper-seated problem. The lack of weight is just a symptom.

Here are several possible causes for insufficient weight on your pooch:

  • Surgery
  • General illness
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid issues
  • Problems with pancreas
  • Parasites in the intestine
  • Liver disease
  • IBS (inflammatory bowel disease)

While these are genuine reasons that could mean your dog needs to pile on a few pounds, never try to force the growth of a puppy. In order for their skeletal system to develop properly, they need to grow at a natural rate.

Is High Calorie Dog Food Necessary?

It’s a fine line to tread between making certain your dog takes on board enough calories so that he is a healthy weight without straying into obesity. There is no sense in switching from one problem to another then needing to restrict your dog’s diet so he falls back to a healthy weight.

You should also be aware that, although they look very precise, the labels on dog food can often be somewhat inaccurate. This is another good reason for remaining in regular contact with your vet so he can supply you with more detailed information.

If you notice any signs of your dog becoming too large, cut back on the calories.

How To Help Your Dog Gain Weight

There’s a difference between giving your dog’s metabolism a helping hand and feeding him endlessly so he becomes overweight. This is equally as dangerous as being too thin.

As with any changes to your dog’s diet, it always pays to consult the vet first. It’s equally important to gradually ease in with changes rather than going for a drastic overnight shift.

In the simplest terms, to put on weight, your dog needs to consume more calories than he burns off. As long as there is no serious medical problem, this alone will guarantee he gains weight.

What else can you do to help?

  • Feed your dog more often: By giving your dog smaller portions much more often, he might end up eating more overall than if you try to force excessively large portions onto him
  • Incorporate high calorie treats and supplements into his diet: There’s no substitute for a nutritious food as your dog’s staple diet. Treats and supplements have their place, though
  • Adopt a free-feeding approach: The opposite of a restricted diet is ad libitum or free feeding. To give this approach a try, simply leave out food at all times so whenever your furry friend is hungry he can dig right in
  • Choose high protein and high calorie foods: Rather than focusing purely on fat which can carry associated health risks, put a premium on sourcing dog food with a high protein content and plenty of calories. Read on for 10 great examples
  • Use a puppy growth formula: Since growing puppies need ample calories and protein for adequate growth, using a puppy formula for an underweight dog makes good sense

What Makes Specific Dog Foods High Calorie?

Holistic foods make use of all-natural ingredients. They contain no preservatives, artificial flavorings or colorings and tend to be packed with healthy fats.

This type of food places a strong emphasis on top-notch ingredients and you’ll usually find a good source of fats near the top of the list. While generic animal fat is lower in calories, canola oil or chicken fat are calorie-rich fats.

Another advantage of holistic foods is the fact they contain good quality oils. Whether it’s fish oil stuffed with omega-3 fatty acids or flax seed oil, you’ll ensure your dog gets the necessary nutrients along with plenty of calories.


Now you have a solid overview of why your dog might need to gain weight, it’s time for our high calorie dog food reviews. Read on to discover the best options at your disposal…

Top 10 High Calorie Dog Food 2018 Reviews

1. Blue Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

Blue produce top-tier dog food at a reasonable price.

This particular dry adult dog food is available in 4 different sizes to suit all budgets. We opted for the 30-pound bag.

Your dog will be spoiled for choice when it comes to flavors. Whether he prefers fish, chicken or lamb, all recipes come packed with protein and calories to make sure that your dog doesn’t stay skinny for long if he develops a weight problem.

This holistic food has no chicken by-products. Like all of these natural dog foods, there is also a complete absence of corn, soy and wheat. You won’t have your hard work done by harmful preservatives and flavorings either.

Blue products contain LifeSource bits full of vitamins and other crucial nutrients. These are perfect for all life stages of your dogs. Since this also includes puppies, it makes a smart choice for an underweight canine.

With grains, antioxidants, amino acids and lashings of protein and carbs, your dog will get all the calories he needs along with a shot of good health and a complete lack of anything that will harm him.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense high calorie dog food that won’t cost you a fortune, check out this Blue today. You can sit back and watch your dog creep back up to a normal weight while also relishing meal times.

2. MVPK9 Mass Weight Gainer Supplement 45gm

Much like when we want to put on weight after working out by using protein and weight gain supplements, sometimes you can give your dog a leg-up by giving him something along the same lines.

For such an effective supplement, this MVPK9 weight gainer will serve your dog up with protein for size, healthy fats to keep his energy levels up and it will help him to pack on muscle at the same time. If you have a bigger breed, this can come in extremely useful.

As with many supplements, a handy side benefit is the way in which your dog’s coat will gleam and shine, a strong indication he is in peak condition.

Some dogs are fussy eaters. Trying to overload them with too much food can overwhelm them and put them off eating. This is where a supplement comes fully to the fore.

Each serving of MVPK9 Mass Weight Gainer comes with an impressive 40% crude fat. Laden with protein, you have all you need to allow your dog to put on size the right way without becoming fat and flabby.

This supplement is also extremely useful for puppies and nursing mothers. Give your dog the start in life he deserves without bankrupting yourself into the bargain.

Start including this weight gainer alongside your dog’s regular food and you’ll notice a swift and impressive difference in his weight.

3. Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula

Taste of the Wild is a heavyweight brand you can trust in the dog food industry. Their wide range of foods is designed to replicate the diet of a dog in the wild.

With a whopping 370 calories in each cup, this is a strong contender for the best high calorie dog food.

The grain-free food makes use of real meat rather than an artificial substitute. You wouldn’t feed yourself on a steady intake of rubbish so why inflict a low quality diet on your beloved pet?

As well as a super-shot of calories, the fruit and veg will pump antioxidants into your dog’s system so he is healthy as well as increasing in size.

The sweet potatoes and peas mean that the energy your dog takes on board is easily digested into his system for maximum effect.

We chose the bison and venison formula but you can also opt for boar, venison and wildfowl if your dog has an adventurous palate. If he prefers more regular food, lamb and salmon flavors will give him the same benefits without such a rich, gamey taste.

If you want a high calorie dog food with a host of associated benefits, you could do far worse than checking out Taste of the Wild’s offerings. Your dog would thank you if he were able!

4. Purina Pro Plan Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro has a reputation for producing first-rate holistic dog food. It’s not particularly cheap but the best things in life rarely are.

There are 3 sizes available from a dinky 4 pound serving through to the 24-pound bag we road tested.

You have 2 options for flavor, chicken and egg or lamb and egg.

With chicken uppermost on the list of ingredients, your dog will enjoy a dollop of high quality protein essential for weight gain.

Cheaper dog foods tend to rely on grain or soy to deliver carbs whereas Purina Pro harnesses alternative sources to keep your dog healthy as he packs on some muscle.

Like many natural foods, the energy is designed expressly to be rapidly digested. Omega-6 fatty acids along with a dose of zinc will have your dog’s coat restored to perfect shining health in next to no time. The high antioxidant content will shore up his immune system keeping him strong and capable of enjoying life to the full.

As with all Purina Pro foods, the primary ingredient is real meat or fish. With no nasty by-products or unnatural additions, you can watch your pooch’s weight normalize as he gets fitter and healthier at the same time.

Suitable for all life stages, Purina Pro is a wise choice if you want a high calorie dog food packed with a range of other health benefits. Pick up a package today and watch your dog become bigger without straying into overweight territory.

5. Elite K9 Nutrition Chicken and Pork Dog Food, 33 lb

Elite K9 Nutrition is a company specializing in food designed for pit bulls. If you have one of these magnificent and misunderstood dogs, you’ll know how important it is to give them the very best food.

Maximum Bully is a dry high calorie dog food laden with 22% fat and a colossal 32% protein to meet the demanding needs of your pit.

Healthy digestion is critical. With cranberry and oatmeal along with probiotics, you can keep his digestive system ticking over nicely.

Suitable for all life stages, it doesn’t matter if your bully is a pup or entering his more advanced years. This also simplifies things if you have several dogs of different ages. Kiss goodbye to multiple opened bags of food and say hello to the convenience of a single package suitable for all your pets.

Nupro-2000 is a yeast protein that helps your dog’s overall health while also allowing his muscles to grow. Make sure your pit looks in strong fighting shape rather than becoming sluggish and overweight.

Invest in some of this dedicated pit bull food and watch your beloved bully go from strength to strength.

6. Nature's Logic Chicken Dry Dog Food, 4.4-Pound Bag

Nature’s Logic are champions of all-natural high calorie dog food that’s also stuffed with ingredients tailored to enhance the overall health of your canine.

The 4.4-pound bag represents great value for money without sacrificing quality.

This dry food is not only remarkably tasty but also riddled with an array of essential nutrients to keep your dog fit and strong as he gets bigger but not fatter.

Without the potentially harmful wheat, soy, rice or corn, you can relax knowing that you’re supplying your adorable pet with the best possible diet.

The vitamins and minerals are natural rather than artificially synthesized.

In terms of protein, you’ll get both globulin and albumin proteins so your dog will end up packing on muscle rather than layers of fat. It’s senseless to jump from the frying pan into the fire and cause your underweight dog to start struggling with being too fat. A delicate balance is critical and Nature’s Logic delivers in fine style.

For an affordable and reputable high calorie dog food that doesn’t cost the earth, check out some Nature’s Logic today. It will not disappoint.

7. Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

Next up in our look at the best high calorie dog foods is another fantastic dry food specially formulated for pit bulls.

These dogs are active, powerful and hungry. With an enormous 535 calories in a single cup, your bully will start growing double-quick.

You can choose from 4 sizes. We rolled with the 15-pound bundle which is not cheap by any means but great value when you consider how effectively it does its job.

Bully Max is a class leader in many respects. It has the most calories per serving and is also the only meat-based formula in this class. 30% protein paired with 20% fat will give your pit the chance to pack on some muscle rather than simply bulking up with excessive fat.

One of the most reliable dog food rating sites awards this formula a rare 5 star rating so you can buy in complete confidence.

We do not produce our reviews in hierarchical order as everyone has different needs for their dog. That said, this is perhaps the most effective high calorie dog food on the market today. If you have a pit, do him a favor and order up some of this fantastic dog food to keep him in the rudest health and a desirable weight.

8. Trophy Dyne High Calorie Animal Supplement

While high calorie dog food works wonders, sometimes it makes more sense to give your canine a supplement instead. You know your dog’s habits better than anyone. If he struggles to eat, rather than pushing too much regular food on him, sometimes a supplement is the wisest choice.

With a choice of sizes, we decided on the 32-ounce bottle which is incredibly inexpensive for such an efficient supp.

An inbuilt benefit of this supplement is that it works well on a broad spectrum of animals. If you have any cats along with your dogs, they also gain from Some Dyne in their diet.

As your dog starts to put on some weight, you should also see a marked improvement in the quality of his coat.

This liquid supp is vanilla flavored and contains 150 calories in each ounce. By including this with his daily rations, your dog will very rapidly start to gain weight without becoming tubby and unhealthy through taking too much of the wrong type of fat on board.

If you have a pregnant dog or one who is lactating, this supplement is a nutritional powerhouse to help your puppies get the very best start in life.

For a great alternative to high calorie dog food, why not give a small bottle of Dyne a try? It delivers stunning results at a price you’ll love. Check some out today!

9. 6-Pack Nutri-Cal High Calorie Dietary Supplement, 4.25-Ounce Tube

Tomlyn’s Veterinary Balance is a wonderful supplement if your beloved pooch has become stressed for any reason or if he is recovering from illness. In both of these cases, he might start losing weight so in steps this affordable 6 pack of liquid gel in 4.5-ounce tubes.

Perhaps your dog is a fussy eater? If so, you’ll be only too familiar with the frustration of spending out your hard-earned money on food he simply turns his nose up at. Combat this by introducing some of this tasty liquid supplement and give him the calories and goodness he needs on the sly.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, you can pump the essentials into your dog’s system while also helping him to put on some weight in a healthy manner.

This supplement has been a consistent best-seller for more than 50 years now so if you are looking for a tried and true high calorie dog food, you could do far worse than picking up one of these nifty and convenient 6 packs. Try some on your dog today for dependable and rapid results.

10. Formula Mass Weight Gainer for Dogs

Rounding out our high calorie dog food reviews is another entry from the industry giant MVPK9.

If your dog is rather skinny and you want to help him add some size and weight the healthy way, this cost-effective supplement will slot in nicely alongside his exisiting food.

With a colossal 56% of healthy fats and 26% protein, you can increase your dog’s weight without forcing him to consume too much food.

Your dog’s coat is the key to his health. Not only will his teeth, bones and nails feel the benefit, he’ll also shed less making your life easier when it comes to cleaning up after him.

With extremely digestible fats along with protein and carbs from excellent sources, your active dog can keep his energy levels up as you watch his weight rise.

For a superb addition to your dog’s feeding schedule, pick up some MVPK9 Mass Weight Gainer and sit back while he becomes bigger and stronger.


We hope that these high calorie dog food reviews have helped you out with some great options to help your dog put some weight on.

Even if you don’t go out of your way to hunt down high calorie food, chances are that the natural or holistic foods will be laden with calories anyway. As we mentioned earlier, the tendency is to overfeed our pets.

Drop us a line if you have any queries or if there’s anything you’d like us to cover on this site. We want to give you what you want here so don’t be shy and get in touch!

Head over to Amazon right now and sort your dog out with the calories he needs without breaking the bank.

Top 10 High Calorie Dog Food Reviews and Buying Guide
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