How To Get Your Dog To Sleep

How To Get Your Dog To Sleep


A lot would agree that sleep is the best part of the day. Nothing else gives you the opportunity to let your body and brain rest. However, there are things that can easily disrupt a good night – like your beloved dog. Your pet can hinder you from having a peaceful sleep when he can’t sleep either. With that in mind, you should learn how to get your dog to sleep.

Moreover, you can’t just simply talk your dog into sleeping. That is why you have to take extra measure to train them to the right sleeping routine. This will require your time and patience. But soon you’ll surely reap a harmonious sleep every night. Below are the most useful tips to handle the matter.

How To Make Your Dog To Sleep?

Allow Your Dog To Do A Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is important because it will be good for your dog’s health. Not just that, it can also make your dog tired throughout the day which is easier for the dog to sleep at night. Do this at night when you couldn’t do this during the day. Plan a walk in your neighborhood, or jog with your dog. You could also play fetch or just allow him to run around with another dog. When you have a cat around your house why not allow the both of them to play chasing each other to drain all of your dog’s energy. By doing this, your dog will have a sound sleep at night.

Give Your Dog A Comfortable Bed

Making your dog to sleep at night could be a hard thing to do. Why not make his bed comfier than before, this will make him want to sleep or just stay in his bed all day. When you have a puppy, consider having him sleep in a crate. They felt safer on a crate. And when the dog gets older and you already establish a sleeping routine, upgrade it into a dog bed. You could also allow your dog to sleep with you if you are okay with it and the dog is already well-trained to sleep at night.

Fixed A Routine For Your Dog

It will be hard for the dog to understand at first that it’s bedtime. He may still want to play and bother you on your bed. Thus, you should fix a routine for your dog to follow each night. You could signal him with your hands and point the bed. You have to do this a lot of times for him to be familiar that it means you want him to get into bed. Or if he has a lot of toys, take it all away indicating that it’s not a time to play anymore but a time to sleep. When he has a room or sleeping with you, turning off the lights is also a sign that it’s time for the both of you to rest and sleep.

Always Know If Your Dog Is Afraid Of Something

The dog might not get into bed because he is afraid and bother you for help. That’s why your dog beds should be comfortable. It should be the kind of place he felt safer resting. Check his bed if it has insects or things that he is most afraid of. When your dog can’t sleep because of noises, why not try putting some music on. You can check a lot of dog’s nighttime playlist on Spotify.

Don’t Spoil Your Dog

When your dog cries because he doesn’t want to sleep at night, do not coo and comfort him. You should be strict with his sleeping routine. You can’t allow your dog to just get what he wants, he might do this all the time that is why when it’s time for him to sleep, it’s time for him to sleep. No more extra games.

Don’t Allow Your Dog To Your Bed

Don’t allow your dog to just enter your room. He needs to understand that you have to invite him first before he could enter your room. It’s your personal space and he must respect it. This will also avoid him bothering you.

Sleep Separately With Your Dog

When you are already used to your dog sleeping with you and he wakes and bothers you, have him sleep separately. If the dog will react to the changes then just put a dog bed beside your bed so that you can just rub his belly to calm him. If it still not works, consider the following ways to have him sleep in his own this time.

How To Get Your Dog To Sleep In His Own Bed

1. Get Your Dog Out Of Bed

It’s already fixed that you want your dog to sleep separately with you. The first thing to do is to get him out of the bed. He will come still to your bed, even when you already fix a bed for him to sleep on. It’s better for you to correct him and command him to go to bed. Get him off your bed by simply pushing him aside indicating that it’s not okay for him to sleep their anymore. Squirting a water into his face is also helpful to indicate that you are serious and you will not change your mind.

2. Train Your Dog To Sleep In His Own Bed

The training could be in different ways. You can drop a toy into his bed and when he obeys, drop a treat for his good behavior. You could also walk him into his bed and command him to stay. When he starts to get up be fix with your tone. Command him to get down, use your big NO! Do this every time he still gets backs into your bed. Increase your patience cause it will take a while for him to get used to it. Eventually, the dog will learn and understand you “Go to Bed” command. When the toy doesn’t work because your dog is so used to sleeping with you. Try putting a shirt with your smell on it. Or you can place his bed right next to yours so you can stroke him to keep him calm and loved despite the changes.

When your dog becomes comfortable with his bed, he will go to it on his own — and all your work with be well worth it!

Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed

When you want to shop for your dog’s new bed. You may want to consider first the size and age of your dog. It also bases on the comfort and how safe the bed could be.

Rectangle Mattress

If your dog likes to roll around and stretch out, buy him a rectangle mattress. Consider the softness of the bed and whether it is elevated or not. Elevated beds are must better for the dogs. Thus to provide comfortable sleep for your dog, buy him a rectangular mattress so that he can stretch while sleeping.

Round Or Oval Bed

Other dogs like to curl up while sleeping too. When you notice that when sleeping they are in a tight ball, buy your dog an oval or round-shaped bed. Make sure that it is much bigger to his size though. Because the dog might try other positions while sleeping. As long as your dog is comfortable then it’s best to invest in it and give them a good night sleep.

Foam Mattress

The dogs suffering from arthritis or those older dogs will want to sleep every time. That is why it’s best to put foam mattress into their bed for an additional comfort.

Consider Your Dog's Sleep Issues


Your dog may have issues; that is why he can’t sleep through the night. Consider any sleep disruptions to avoid a sleepless night for you and your dog. There might be changes around the house that is why your dog is acting strangely or can’t sleep. It might be because the house is new, there are visitors staying in the house, noises from the neighborhood, new furniture’s or it’s because his bed is moved or ruined. Disruptions are bad for the dog because they follow routines each day. Therefore, consider your dog also when you are going to do some changes in your life like moving the furniture’s or marrying someone having a new person in the house.

Medical Problems

Other reasons could be your dog is sick. He may need your care or medicines to ease what your dog is feeling. Consult a veterinarian about the changes with your dog. The vet will be able to explain to you the changes in your dog’s appetite, energy level and their ability to be comfortable. The dog that is suffering medical problems should be attended to its needs immediately because pain can cause your pet to whine or cry during the night.

Need To Go Outside

Your dog may want to go outside to poop or urinate during the night. This will cause him to whine and cry all night especially when your dog is afraid to go there alone. Your cat might be there or other insects might be there. It’s best to have his own place wherein he can urinate and poop. It could be a box full of sand or soil. Or you could feed him each day at the same time in the evening, then walk in the neighborhood for him to eliminate all the waste in his body.


Your dog might want to drink water, causing all the fuss in the night. Fill his water container each night but make sure it is away from him because it might get spilled when your dog walks.

Tips To Make Your Dog Sleep Each Night

  • Take your dog outside to urinate. This may cause your dog’s cry and whines. He will do this especially if you train him not to urinate inside the house.
  • When you put them in a crate the puppies may cry but just ignore your dog. He will calm and stop crying after a few minutes. Just give your dog a time to settle down.
  • Turn off the lights and make sure the room where your dog is sleeping is quiet.
  • Feed your dog beside his bed. The food will associate positive things while staying on his bed. You could also put toys with him in his bed.
  • Give your dog some relaxing activity. Play a music or reward him with a bone.
  • Walk your dog around the neighborhood.
  • Rub your dog’s bellies for him to sleep fast.
  • Give your dog a blanket if he is comfortable with it.
  • Have your dog bed beside yours because your dog might have separation anxiety making feel agitated whenever you are not around.
  • Jog with your dog all the time.

A sleeping arrangement with your dog is essential especially when you really need your sleep. It’s best to give them a comfortable bed, and right training for your dog to get used to the arrangements. The tips and how to things given above should be enough to handle your dog.

Your dogs might be bothersome but always remember that they also give you joy. Dogs take your stress by playing with them and they are also a huge encourager for you to exercise. You have to jog so that your dog can jog too.


When your dog can sleep on his own and can understand your “Go to Bed” command now then you don’t need to learn how to get your Dog to sleep. You will have now a good night sleep as well as a harmonious relationship with your dog. Every effort you did is worth it especially when it reaps good result. But, when your dog still bothers you, then you need extra time and extra patience to achieve what you want each night.

How To Get Your Dog To Sleep
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