Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food Review


When it comes to feeding the best dry dog food to your beloved doggo, you would want something that contains all essential goodness that elevates his overall wellbeing. One great example is the Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food. It’s got beef as its first ingredient adorned with filet mignon flavor that your little furball will surely like.

Benefits of Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Made with real beef

Its greatest attribute is its first ingredient – real beef. This kibble is packed with an ample amount of protein that assists in your little dog’s growth and development. Moreover, dogs tend to love beef more than chicken and lamb, so this makes a good choice.

Protein is important for any canine diet. It serves as the muscle-building and muscle-repairing element that works wonders for your dog’s body. It also benefits other body tissues and is responsible for growing hair, forming new skin cells, and more. Importantly, protein provides energy while simultaneously keeping the immune system robust.

Filet Mignon Flavor

The recipe features filet mignon flavor and spring vegetables garnish that makes the kibble highly appealing and palatable to your dog’s senses. Your little pet will surely look forward to eating this meal every time.

Gourmet Recipe

This kibble is not your ordinary recipe crafted with some random ingredients just to make your pet’s stomach full. The brand boasts their gourmet recipe that includes 26 nutrients that will surely boost your small dog’s health and vigor.

Even though the label says this dog food is made with small breeds in mind, this Cesar kibble is still ideal for larger dogs as well.

This Cesar kibble also contains great chicken by-product, ground wheat, ground yellow corn, bone meal, natural flavors, and other ingredients that your dog will surely love.

Small pieces: Perfect for chewing

The kibble is composed of crunchy yet soft pieces that your dog will surely crave. Moreover, the maker made the pieces into an “H” shape – which is pretty impressive because chewing kibble with that shape will help enhance the teeth and gums into a healthier state.

Importantly, this kibble is made into tiny pieces which mean dogs will have an easier time eating them. Most dogs tend to pick up just some certain pieces out of their meal. However, with the smaller pieces, they will be encouraged to eat all pieces.

Comes in a small bag

You might learn from our How Long Does Dry Dog Food Last article of the importance of buying in small bags. This kibble comes in three sizes – 2.7 lbs, 5 lbs, and 12 lbs. You might want to choose the 5 lbs variant which is ideal for around a week of use, depending on how many little furballs you have there in your home.

Buying in small bags is a practical way of preserving the nutrients and keeping the kibble away from being rancid. Further, the Cesar comes in resealable zipper bags that keep the kibble fresh for longer time.


The Cesar Filet Mignon Flavor with Spring Vegetables Dry Dog Food is the kibble that possesses both nutrition and taste all packed in a convenient bag. It’s made with high-quality beef and corresponding meat ingredients in crunchy “H” pieces that your little friend can feast upon.

The Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food also contains high-quality vegetables and other ingredients that balance the food intake of your growing dog. This is what makes the product a good candidate for the best dry dog food title. It’s the ideal kibble for any small dog out there and it won’t take long for your little furball to love this and consider his new favorite!

Cesar Small Breed Dry Dog Food Review
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