Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food, Adult Life Protection Formula Review


The Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food is one of the most popular kibble brands with a myriad of people patronizing it. Whose dog wouldn’t want a delicious recipe packed high-quality real meat? Should you follow and feed your beloved doggo the same? Find out in this Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food Review.

Benefits of Using Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food

Made with Love. Made for dogs.

If there’s one attribute that can tell a dog food is great, it’s the origin and the inspiration behind formulating it. Blue Buffalo is named after a dog who got sick named Blue (an Airedale) who were treated like family by his pet parents. His family founded Blue Buffalo and made it a mission to produce a high-quality pet food Blue would be proud of – because every dog deserves to be fed like family.

Formulated with real food

All Blue formulas have real meat at its core. Each kibble is packed with fruits, garden vegetables, and whole grains. This one is crafted with delicious deboned Chicken that most dogs surely love. Blue is even formulated with LifeSource Bits that contain a precise nutrient blend further improved with a Super 7 package full of antioxidant properties.

No unreal food

You can ensure every Blue has no artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. Moreover, this one has no soy, wheat, corn and poultry by-product meals.


Feeding this Blue Dry Dog Food is feeding your dog with a wholesome, delectable recipe specifically crafted for an adult dog. Your dog will also get to consume ingredients like glucosamine for joint support and DHA for improved cognitive development.

This brand has the most number of condition-specific and breed-size food than any other pet food in the market.

FAQs About the Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food

How large are the Blue kibbles?

They are pretty small. The kibbles come in two shapes – one is a little pebble shape and the other one is close to being triangular. To give you a clear visualization, the pebble-shaped kibble is smaller than an average pencil eraser while the triangular one is a bit larger than the size your pinky fingernail and has the thickness of a nickel.

Which is the best flavor?

It simply depends on your dog. You might have to do a little experiment first to evaluate what flavor he seems to like.

What Pet-Parents Like About Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food

A lot of users praise the product for being some sort of a miracle that happened to their dogs. One user reported –

“Our dog loves it! Our doggie gained a little weight over the cold winter (our jogs were few and far and walks were quick and brisk due to the cold!). And being a vet tech I just couldn't have a chubby dog. So I switched him gradually to this Blue Buffalo small dog weight control and I'm seeing a major difference! His weight has dropped and his coat is super shiny and healthy!”

Even long-time users have their share of their incredible story –

“We switched to this food a couple of years ago because we wanted to give our dogs a better quality food. Well, needless to say, we love Blue Buffalo and it is the only food we have been feeding our dogs for almost 2 years! Our senior citizen has completely stopped throwing up and all of our 3 dogs have shiny coats and a lot more energy than they used to on their old food. I recommend this product!”

What Pet-Parents Didn’t Like About Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food

There is virtually nothing wrong with the product but some users rated the kibble with lesser stars not because of the product itself, but because of their dog’s unwillingness –

“I like what this brand offers, but my terrier won't eat the life source bits. He takes the bits out of his bowl and leaves them all over the floor. He eats the bigger pieces. I don't think he's getting the full benefit of this brand.”


Overall, this Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food is something you’ll love feeding your dog to as much as they’ll love eating it!

Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food, Adult Life Protection Formula Review
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