Best Large Dog Bed Reviews

Got a large, old or ailing dog?

Get him the best large dog bed!

It may seem like an optional pet item but any responsible pet-parent knows there’s so much more in this piece of soft foam than just a resting space.

Cushioning for joints, privacy, and injury prevention, to name a few. Truly, an orthopedic dog bed should be the first item of your to-buy list.

So in this article, we will review five of the best large dog beds on the market today. More importantly, you MUST stop by the buying guide section and you’ll soon make an educated decision as to what bed suits your large dog best!

Why buy the best large dog bed?

Personal space

You might already know that dogs are territorial animals. That said, you might want to give them their piece of space somewhere in your home and the most practical way to mark that spot is to give them a dog bed. This is where they’ll feel safe and relaxed at the same time. Ultimately, your large furball will feel more valued as a member of your household by having his own area.

Comfort and aid

No different than any human, a dog inevitably gets old and will be more vulnerable to ailments. There are actually lots of potential canine conditions and having an orthopedic bed can be your dog’s saving grace. Having the best orthopedic dog bed can ease the pain of dog conditions like the following:

  • Joint problems (arthritis, etc.)
  • Muscle loss (due to an old age)
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Soft tissue injuries (ligaments, tendons, etc.)
  • Luxation, fractures, and other bone injuries

Dogs during post-surgery can also benefit greatly from beds because it gives them the opportunity to rest well. It can alleviate virtually any pain your dog might be feeling at the moment.

Note: It is still wise to invest in an orthopedic bed even if your furball is not close to being a senior dog. It would be wiser to make them feel comfortable as early as their glory days.

Proper insulation

Dog beds can also help your canine friend during the cold season. The foam can provide them insulation all-year round.

Keep your furniture clean

Dog beds will surely discourage your dog from curling up on your beloved upholstery. Keep your canine companion away from your furniture by simply giving their own – in the form of dog beds.

Cleaner home

A dog bed is yet another trick to maintain cleanliness in your home. Your dog will most likely spend more time in his own little space. As a result, dirt (along with the odor and hair) caused by your pet will most probably be concentrated in a single area. Now you can easily spot clean the bed with a vacuum or wash the cover in the washing machine.


If you ask any vet, they would certainly agree that dog beds are so much more than luxury and that every pet-parent can prove how they value their dog by giving them something they can lie comfortably on.

Help homeless animals

You’d be glad to know that there are actually some brands that donate a percentage of their profit to organizations that take care of animals. Not only will you be giving your dog the comfort he deserves, but you are also able to help a random animal out there at least indirectly. Every purchase counts.

Top 5 best orthopedic dog bed for large dogs 2020

1. Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed (Headrest Edition) - Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big barker 7” pillow top orthopedic dog bed (headrest edition) - best orthopedic dog bed
  • PROS
  • Best orthopedic dog bed
  • Stays in shape for 10 years
  • Perfect weight distribution
  • Comfortable and durable
  • 3 sizes to choose from
  • No outgassing
  • Durable covers
  • High-quality foam
  • Easy to clean
  • Stays cool
  • US-made; high-quality
  • Reputable brand
  • ​CONS
  • Some furry breeds may feel too hot
  • Minor reports of dogs not using it

Show your dog how precious he is with this Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed. One of the most popular dog beds on Amazon, this model has become the resting spot for tens of thousands of dogs across the US. It may look like a simple dog bed at first glance, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Behind this Big Barker is outstanding design and engineering embedded on the bed.

For starters, this Big Barker is proudly made in the US – handmade by California craftsmen and craftswomen in a workshop with more than 30 years of experience in the artisan furniture industry.

One thing that makes this one an effective therapeutic bed is its ability to never flatten – something you should look out for in an orthopedic dog bed. The foam of Big Barker is known to retain its support and shape for at least 10 years!

It’s soft to touch and designed to be highly comfortable for large dogs. Feel the foam and you’ll easily see the difference between this brand and other cheap variants. The best part is it’s good-looking enough that you can place it anywhere in your home.

There are three (3) sizes to choose from – large, extra large, giant. Clicking on the link will also redirect you to the page that guides you how to choose the best size for your large dog.

Big Barker prides themselves by not only making a durable foam that lasts a decade but also designed with the dog in mind. The dog bed is engineered to provide a perfectly distributed weight support and they have proven it by a series of tests.

2. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

BarksBar gray orthopedic dog bed
  • PROS
  • Sophisticated, luxurious look
  • Premium, human-grade foam
  • Guaranteed highly-comfortable
  • Constant support & decompression
  • Pressure-relief foam
  • Deep cushioning
  • All-around, cotton-padded walls
  • Rubber bottom won’t slip
  • Super soft polyester cover
  • Easy to clean; machine wash
  • Vacuum friendly; spot cleaning
  • ​CONS
  • Might be hard to assemble
  • Bolsters too soft for some

BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed comes competitive with its premium materials. This one is crafted with a luxurious design.

  • Extra Comfy Cotton-Padded Rim cushion that adapts to the pet’s neck, providing unfailing support for ailing heads and necks
  • Solid & Grooved Orthopedic Foam that gives optimum comfort, ideal to improve mobility, health, and reduce joint pains
  • Ultra Soft Polyester Cover to complement the entirety of the bed with a luxurious impact

This dog bed is crafted with the dog's comfort in mind. BarksBar seems to make sure that each dog has a chance for a good sleep and lasting comfort. This is what makes this bed ideal for older dogs with arthritis and other bone and joint problems.

When your dog uses this BarksBar, he will be greeted with human-grade orthopedic foam engineered with pressure relief points and deep cushioning. This one is not flat, it has cotton padded walls that gives your dog 360 support to contour his neck and head for maximum comfort.

Another thing that’ll impress you is the sleek design. As said just above, this bed brings a touch of luxury. That said, you won’t have a hard time finding a spot for this bed in your home. Any interior would seem a bit more sophisticated with this. You’ll also like the rubber material on the bottom side of the cover. This makes the bed resistant to sliding on tiled and wooden floors.

Ultimately, this one’s easy to maintain and clean. The cover is completely removable and machine-washable.

Overall, this BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed is yet another compelling option for improving your dog’s overall well-being. Ideal for daily use and made to last.

3. FurHaven Pet Dog Bed

FurHaven pet dog bed
  • PROS
  • Plush faux-fur material
  • Impressive egg-crate design
  • Soothes pressure points
  • Dog gets better sleep
  • Cozy for pets; snuggly
  • High-loft polyester fiber filling
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Machine-washable
  • 4 designs available
  • Maximum lift and comfort
  • ​CONS
  • Not for pets with teething behavior

Now this one looks rather simple but if you come for functionality, the FurHaven Pet dog makes an ideal, affordable alternative for the more expensive Big Barker introduced previously. This model comes with all the essentials that make a great orthopedic bed. It can sooth pressure points to give your dog a better sleep and it provides joint support for your ailing furball.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the headrest that goes on three sides – other orthopedic dog beds just come with one or no headrest at all. This gives your dog more opportunity to change positions without losing proper support on his head and neck.

Another thing that makes this brand quite appealing is they don’t only manufacture beds for large dogs but their model comes in a variety of sizes which you can choose from. This FurHaven comes in four (4) sizes from small to jumbo.

Distinct orthopedic foam base is made of deep, convoluted “egg crate” foam core. Think of a lot of egg trays, significantly down-sized and made soft. The result is an effective orthopedic foam that supports joints and soothes pressure points. Further, you can expect proper body-contouring comfort and better circulation. It’s probably one of the best foam designs in the industry.

In the surface, your dog can snuggle with faux fur sleep cover, something that makes them feel a higher level of cozy rest. Now warm and comfort come together.

4. Better World Pets - First-Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed

Better world pets - first-quality orthopedic dog bed
  • PROS
  • Chic, sophisticated design
  • 5-inches thick bed
  • Premium quality
  • Molds to the shape of your dog
  • Will not flatten for a long time
  • Sleek, contemporary look
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Can fit any corner in your home
  • Great cushion for pressure points
  • Impressive support and softness
  • ​CONS
  • Surprisingly heavy

While all other brands compete for the best-engineered foam and other orthopedic features, the First-Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed enters the competition with one distinct feature that will surely make you think twice of purchasing another brand – this one is waterproof.

The product is designed with the same materials used in making expensive human beds. You can expect a flexible foam that can cradle your dog’s body – not too soft and not too firm either with just the right density. Any aging or ailing dog will feel the comfort of this therapeutic bed designed to mold according to their body.

Cushion points are also there to relieve your canine companion from the pain of muscle and joint ailments. Impressively, this one comes with a waterproof lining that protects the core against “accidents” and fluid spills. Washing is also a breeze. You simply have to remove the zippered cover and the washing machine will do the rest.

This First-Quality looks quite simple, but that only makes it more functional and useful. Chic and undeniably looks cool, this dog bed offers a contemporary design and a footprint sleek enough to fit any tight space. And since it’s square, any corner would seem the rightful resting territory for your large furball.

The brand also makes a difference in protecting animals in the US. Every purchase you make will contribute to the 10 percent of their profit dedicated to the country’s largest animal-protection organization – Humane Society.

Overall, the First-Quality orthopedic dog bed provides a premium-quality comfort and experience at a more affordable price point.

5. eLuxury Supply Orthopedic Dog Bed

eLuxury supply orthopedic dog bed
  • PROS
  • Comes with a lot of designs
  • Enhanced memory foam
  • Made with fine materials
  • Waterproof cover
  • Dual foam layer
  • Enough thickness
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in the USA
  • ​CONS
  • Reports of too stiff foam
  • Stuck hair seem stubborn

Another waterproof contender comes competitive with basically similar features with the previous dog bed by Better World Pets. The eLuxury Supply also offers an orthopedic Dog bed that’s made in the US and comes with all the essentials that make a great therapeutic bed.

For starters, this one comes with a 5-inch thick foam. This a fusion of a 3-inch high-density support base as the bottom foam and a 2-inch orthopedic gel-enhanced memory top foam.

If you prefer something colorful and can also serve as home-décor, the designer duvet cover can easily delight your eyes. There are a whole lot of color and patterns available so you can just choose whatever suits your preferences.

Afraid your dog might accidentally wet his bed? The foam will remain untouched thanks to the hundred-percent waterproof encasement. Washing is highly convenient with the fully-removable and machine-washable top cover.

While this orthopedic dog bed comes from a small company, the brand boasts their big mission. You can be sure the product is made in the US and they also support local humane societies by donating bedding for those pets in need. That said, you can support the company by simply purchasing their products.

Best large dog bed buying guide – a must-read

1. Size

This article has been specific to large dog beds so it just makes sense that the first factor you should be looking out for is the size of the orthopedic dog bed. You are probably taking care of a large breed so the initial step you can take is to take his size into account and then see which dog bed suits him best. Here are the sleeping areas of each of the dog beds we featured in this article arranged from the biggest available sizes down to the least:

  • Big Barker 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed (Headrest Edition) – Large: 48” x 30” – Extra Large: 52” x 36” – Giant: 60” x 48”.
  • eLuxury Supply Orthopedic Dog Bed – Small: 27” x 22” – Medium: 36” x 27” – Large: 45” x 36”.
  • Better World Pets First-Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed – Small: 24” x 18” – Medium: 36” x 24” – Large: 40” x 28”.
  • BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed – Medium: 26” x 16” – Large: 36” x 24” | Note: Size indicated is only the sleeping space. The actual product is bigger due to the padded rims that are around 6” wide on each side.
  • FurHaven Pet Dog Bed – Standard: 32” x 29”

The largest dog bed also happened to be the most expensive on the list which is the Big Barker while coming in second is the more affordable eLuxury Supply. If you don’t need that big of a bed, then you can always opt for BarksBar or the FurHaven.

2. Make

It’s better to look out for foams made in the US because you can ensure higher-quality. Of course, you can also opt for orthopedic dog beds imported from brands outside of the US, especially those certified by US standards.

Brands made in the US include

  • Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed.
  • eLuxury Supply Orthopedic Dog Bed.

Brands ‘designed’ in the US

  • Better World Pets First-Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed

Brands that are CertiPUR-US Certified

  • Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed.
  • FurHaven Pet Dog Bed.

3. Material

The material determines how comfortable your dog is when using the dog bed. Always be vigilant of the material because it’s the first thing your dog encounters when using it.

  • Big Barker is made of 7-inches American-made therapeutic foam – the same material used for expensive furniture.
  • BarksBar is crafted with premium human-grade orthopedic memory foam. It’s the only dog bed on the list to feature cotton padded walls all-around.
  • FurHaven is made of soft clay plush sleep surface. It’s designed with a deep, egg-crate type (convoluted) foam core.
  • Better World Pets First-Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed is made of the same memory foam used in expensive human beds. It features a high-density attribute with just the right softness.
  • eLuxury Orthopedic Dog Bed is made with the high-density support base and orthopedic gel-enhanced memory foam.

4. Integrity

Another feature you should look out for is the foam’s ability to never flatten even after years of usage. Sure there are a lot of nice dog beds you can easily pick up in the supermarket but how sure are you about its integrity? That said, you should look out for orthopedic dog beds that won’t flatten like pancakes over time.

Here are dog beds engineered with a foam that will maintain its shape and won’t sag even for long-term use:

  • Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed.
  • Better World Pets First-Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed.

5. Easy to clean

As much as you like to give your dog the comfort he deserves, you must also seek convenience in your part. You can do such by securing a dog bed that you can easily clean. Ensure the bed cover is completely removable so you can wash it in the machine. All products on the list are easy to clean so there’s no debate on this factor.

6. Headrest

If your dog has a sensitive neck or an ailing head, you can opt for a dog bed that features a headrest. A headrest could be an important sleeping factor for dogs as much as pillows are important for us humans.

  • Big Barker offers a headrest on one (1) side of the dog bed.
  • FurHaven Pet Dog looks like a small couch with headrests on three (3) sides of the dog bed, but they are not that thick.
  • BarksBar comes the most competitive as all four (4) sides feature cotton-padded rim cushion that supports a dog’s neck no matter what position he likes to do when asleep.

7. Waterproof (optional)

You might also want a waterproof casing that protects the inner foam from getting damaged by fluid spills. First-Quality by Better World Pets and the one from eLuxury Supply feature a hundred percent waterproof encasement. This feature will make you feel more confident and worry-free about spillage and accidental wet situations that may arise.

8. Design

While this may not be the most important factor, this one counts for people who value aesthetics and interior design. Since your dog bed will surely be displayed somewhere in your home, then it better complements the rest of your furniture.

You can consider eLuxury Supply dog beds as they come with a designer duvet cover and there are multiple designs and pattern you can choose from. Further, you can also consider FurHaven as they come with different colors available.


We all just want what’s best for our dogs. Any of the five products reviewed in this article could be the best large dog bed. The buying guide is your greatest help in making the most practical decision as to what model to purchase.

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